Monthly Archives: August 2007

I had enough!!

I’ve really had enough of it!! I think I’ve been more tolerant than EVAH!!!! I’ve nevah evah been so tolerant in my entire LIFE!! Why can’t anyone be more sensible & down-to-earth? Why can’t anyone be unselfish, kind or thoughtful? Why? *Sigh* I’ve been living in a well-developed & civilized country for the past decade […]

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Missing You

*SIGH* All of a sudden, I’m missing everyone, my dh, Ethan, mum, dad, sis & all my close friends. Yeah I know, I see both my dh & son everyday but I really do miss them when I’m at work. I just couldn’t get enough of them! Hahahahahahahaha!! Call me crazy but I love my […]

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This is my challenge with Lia & its her turn with the title, Irreplaceable.  The journal reads this way, “Friends always come & go.  True friends are hard to come by. I hope you will stay because you are Irreplaceable”.  

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