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It's a good start

September has been a good start for me. I never expect things to go this way for me, not when I’m still learning.

However, I’m not complaining! Hahahahahahahaha!!

I just popped by at CMK & look what I saw at the main page?


My Bam Pop LO of Ethan was picked for LOTD!! Am truly ecstatic!! This is the 3rd time my LOs got picked at CMK!! Hahahahahahaha!!

Well, I’m truly honoured that people like my LO. That’s what makes me happy, as simple as that.

Guess what? Another LO of mine got picked too for LOTD at Scapperie!!  

This has got to be MY DAY!!! 😉

  • Sasha FarinaSeptember 3, 2007 - 2:08 am

    you’re really on a roll and i’m not surorised! You’re a talented girl Na..! *hugs*

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