No Boss Day

Hahahahahahaha!! Yeah, this is a self-declared “No Boss Day” by us at my office today! Wooohooooo!!

Anyway, that does not imply we’re not working. All of us are still very much busy with our work. It’s only that we are in a more relaxing mood. Seriously, I realized that without the bosses around we’re able to work more efficiently. You know why? Because when they’re around, they’ll always be making ad-hoc requests, calling up for meetings, requesting this, requesting that etc and everything is urgent to them. It really slows us down in fnishing our work. Really really!! ;p

So, we really appreciate this kind of a rare moment, some time to ourselves to sit back and have some peace and quiet. And we are definitely taking advantage of it.:D

I’m just taking a little time off to blog this, a break after a busy morning on my lappie. Yes, talking about my lappie, it has since been out of the “Intensive Care Unit” ward since Tuesday and I’m soooooooo thankful that my IT guy managed to bring my my lappie back to life!! And now it’s working again, like a brand new lappie! Well…….not exactly brand new but at least it’s up & running again. And I’m so grateful to him I still have my 1-year worth of data intact!:D



Our company has this cleanliness and orderliness policy on our individual workspace and the whole office. Once in every 2 months, our HR will conduct spot checks on all our work stations, our department cabinets etc. I’m proud to say that our department/team has consistently been on the 1st spot for the past half year!!:DAnd I was caught by surprise when the announcement was made at the general staff meeting last month that I clinched the top spot for the most clean and orderly individual work station!! Bwahahahahahaha!! That’s such a big shock to me! I think the reason why my table is always so clean and empty is because I’m always away on business trips most of the days. LOL! What I know is that our department members including myself has always been on the top favourite list. So, what incentives do we get? Nothing. But it’s ok, we enjoyed the thrill of ‘sniggering’ at the other departments. Hahahahahahaha!! They’re always ‘threatening’ us that one fine day they will grab the top spot from us! Gosh, I just love my work place, the healthy bickering and all!!;)

Here’s the current condition of my table.


Still pretty neat, huh?;)Next week will be the next check. I gotta make sure it’s in tip top condition again!! LOL!!


All the little stuff sitting on top of Ethan’s pictures are gifts from my colleagues. We have this special ‘ritual’, whoever goes on business trips or holidays, we’ll defnitely bring back some momentos from the countries we visited. Cool huh?


Eeeeekkkkkk!! My favourite Green Tea Frap!! Couldn’t live without it!!:D


Each of us has a small pot of plant, just to enhance our table and to add a little smile to our face when we start work everyday. We will sun them on the window sill every morning and if any of us are away, we’ll water and sun their plants on their behalf. :)  Mine is 2nd from the right. It’s a “Money” plant we call it here in Singapore. My HR manager brought this from her own home and gave it to me as a gift. She overheard me saying that I’ve always wanted a plant on my table and the next thing I knew when I returned from one of my business trips, i saw the plant sitting on my table! She’s a really nice lady!! All my colleagues are very nice in fact, including my boss and ‘BIG’ boss.:D

 I gotta go now. Enough of my blabbering for the day.

Have a great weekend!:D

  • KateFebruary 20, 2009 - 8:07 pm

    green tea frap is my staple starbucks drink too!! *huggies*

  • IreneFebruary 21, 2009 - 12:21 am

    I am your boss for now! Go get creative!! ;D

  • koinoniaFebruary 25, 2009 - 3:32 pm

    hey I recog that window view. My ex work place was in that area, 30th floor. Miss the hawker food!

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