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From Bangkok With Love

LOL! Sounds like the James Bond movie “From Russia With Love”, but this is the Asia version. 😀

Sorry it took me so many days before I could come in to update you on my stay here in Bangkok. I’m not here on a holiday, I’m seriously working my butts out!! I sat in a meeting room, behaving just like a “doctor”, seeing my “patients” one after another, for 8 hours a day! Sheesh, what a tedious job!!

Just too bad I’m not a doctor or else I’ll be earning great $$$ and always take time off to jet around for amazing holidays!! Hahahahahaha!! Yes, I get to meet people, and they’re awfully nice! The worse thing is, I felt bad that I had to “grill” them with countless of questions after questions!! I asked if they have this and that, if they practice this and that, why aren’t they doing this and that, blah….blah….blah……I think within 2 days, I’m the most hated person in the building!! LOL!

Well, you see, one of my job scope is to audit an organization’s operation and process, and also the people. So, now you know why when people see me arriving at their door steps, they will be cursing and swearing, right behind my back!! Hahahahahaha!!

Then again, I’m being loved at the same time because I’m a fair person and I don’t make life difficult for them. I can understand there are some limitation to what extend they are able to perform, under their own company policy. So, I give some leeway, if it’s within my control.

Great! I’m here to blog about my stay here in Bangkok and I ended up talking about work, again!! I’m a workaholic but I still love my freedom of being able to relax. So, coming in to blog relieved me of my stress and tiredness. Reading everyone’s comments really took off the load off my shoulder and brought smiles onto my face.

Can you see me smiling now? 😀

So, day 1, after I arrived on Sunday, I hastily checked in into the hotel, I hit the road right away after dumping my bag in my room.

I went crazy when I reached Chatuchak, the world famous weekend market or you could call it bazaar. They have thousands and thousands of stalls selling almost anything you can imagine, from fashion attire, accessories,  food, household goods, crafts, pets, plants, collectibles and a lot more of wonderful stuff you could find.

I walked and walked for 2 straight hours, my clothes stuck to my body, sweating from head to toe due to the humidity of the place but I’m one happy girl!!

I’m sorry I didn’t take many pictures of the place because I’m too busy grabbing whatever bargains I can lay my hands on. Here’s what I have to share with you.


One of the lanes outside the stalls. The street is always full of people.


One of many thousand of stalls that sells super cheap fashion attire.


One of the many local handmade goodies.


This stall sells hats for only 50Baht, about S$2.20!! What a great bargain!!


One of the stall that sells plants.


If you’re hungry, just pop into one of the food stalls for a great and yummy quick snacks!


And these are my bargain hunt, 5 t-shirts for the hubby, 7 tops, 1 dress and 2 skirts for myself!! And they cost between 150Baht-250Baht, about S$7-S$11.50! 😀

So, I paid a total of about S$105, approximately US$73 for 15 pieces of clothings!! Great buy, huh? LOL!

Next, I hit my favourite joint for the ever famous Thai massage for 2 hours and 90 minutes of whitening facial treatment. But let me tell you, during the 2 hours massage, I felt like I’ve been stretched, cracked at every joint of my body, and I felt like a broken doll!! Hahahahahaha!! You could hear me go “Ouch!!”, “Aarghhh!!”, “Oooo….”, “Hehehe!”……………. I was lucky there was no one next to the screen or I’ll be kicked out from the place by other customers!! LOL! I was kind of noisy this time because they assigned me a masseuse that was overwhelmingly powerful but I walked out rejuvenated. 😀 I’ll be going for another session tomorrow evening before I fly home on Thursday.

On day 2, after I knocked off work and headed back to the hotel with a bad migraine, swallowed 2 super strong paracetamol and hit the street in search of my favourite food. I visited my favourite side street stall that serves great food. I ordered my favourite “tom yam gung”, a spicy seafood soup. Seriously, it’s superbly delicious!


Don’t underestimate what this bowl of soup can do to your tummy, if you have a weak system. LOL! I love it to bits!


Some condiments to go along with your dishes. I love the chilly powder. It gives you the extra kick that will sent you flying to the roof!


A snapshot of the stall. I have no qualms eating on the road side stalls, as long as their hygiene is acceptable. I love to explore local food in any countries in this kind of authentic ambience. I don’t go for fine-dining, if given a choice. My customers usually brought me to nice restaurants, which I can’t say no for courtesy sake.

While walking back to the hotel, I managed to snap this motorbike ‘taxi’, which is a common and cheap mode of transport for the locals.


You can find them all over the street in Bangkok. You just hitched a ride on the bike and they’ll get you to wherever you want to go, without wearing a helmet. You’ll probably pay 20-40Baht and you could avoid getting caught in the heavy Bangkok traffic. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to get caught in the traffic in Bangkok during peak hours!! It’s terrible!! You’ll probably fall asleep in a car or taxi and 2 hours later, you’ll still be on the same spot. Well………maybe they’ll move 50-100 metres, if you’re lucky.


After 8pm, the traffic is still heavy. That’s Bangkok. 🙂

I still love this place, no matter what. They have great food, shopping and people are generally nice.

I’ll definitely be back again because I’m already taking care of the Thailand market. So, you’ll probably get bored the next time I blogged about this place again. LOL!

Anyway, I would love to thank all of you for coming in to say hi and some of you have even finally come in after lurking for a while. I love reading everyone’s message and thank you again for your warm wishes.

I’ll draw a name in my next post for the lucky girl who will receive my giveaway.  

  • JenniferMay 27, 2009 - 1:01 am

    What great deals! Hope you brought a big enough bag! Glad your enjoying yourself on your non-working hours. I would really love to have one of those massages right about now ~ I need a good back-cracking too!

    Jenn in Vancouver

  • jessyMay 27, 2009 - 1:07 am

    hey leena chi chi! gosh i didn’t you have a blog… a very well written one at that too! i saw ethan’s pics in fb with that ‘blogged by leena loh’ thing and it really got me curious so i googled your name and voila…here i am! =D

    p/s: i’m your cousin from tpg in case you’re wondering who’s this stalker. haha!

  • SherleneMay 27, 2009 - 10:34 am

    WoW…great deals in BKK…its been quite some times since my last trip…

  • IreneMay 27, 2009 - 1:55 pm

    Wow! Fruitful trip and great pictures! Especially the ‘tom yam gung’. Woolala … i cannot stop drooling!!!

    Please take care and have a safe trip back! Hear from you soon!

  • JoeyMay 29, 2009 - 11:43 am

    hey, you have the name of the place that you went for massage in BKK? i’m going there in jul for the weekend and wanna find a good massage place

    bkk’s a good place to get clothes and to be in trend (but one needs to be slim to fit their clothes like you! coz i have problems getting clothes there!) 😉


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