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It feels like it's been ages

since I last updated my blog!! Well, I’ve been a busy bee lately, going out of the country and I’ve been back for nearly a week. But I still didn’t slow down at work and at home.

There are many big changes going on at work. First, I’ve completed my project which was assigned to me last year and I’ve laid the foundation and someone is taking over from me and will follow through. I can now sigh in relief and contentment. Second, I just had my performance assessment 2 weeks ago and I managed to achieve all my targets and I’m being rewarded with a big, I mean BIG reward!! Can you see me laughing my way to the bank?? LOL! LOL! I’m going to pamper myself and my family with the $$$!!

Third, I’ve been assigned to 2 new countries, one which is right here at home and the other about 2 hours by plane. A country which i LOVE to bits which can allow me to shop, eat and being massaged! Do you know where it is? 😉

Fourth, I’ve been entrusted to a new project, definitely a challenging one which I’m ready to embark on. I’m grateful and thankful to be entrusted to lead this project. And I’ll be more than happy to pursue it with 100% commitment to my company. 😀

And most of all, I’ll be able to stay close to my family more than before. I’m so happy to be able to spend more quality time with my family after this re-structuring. It’s high time that I stay close to home as much as possible. I’m a happy girl!! 🙂

Anyway, I just returned from a BBQ gathering at a friend’s place. It has been a wonderful evening, catching with my friends and my family. Ethan had a great time making new friends and playing at the pool this evening and now, he’s knocked out cold after a long night.

And another piece of good news is, my best friend Ally is getting married to her wonderful man!!! Gosh, I’ve been waiting for this day to come and she’s finally getting married!! I’m so happy for her and I know for sure that she has found a wonderful man who will love her forever. She truly deserve this. And we are getting busy preparing for her wedding this coming September!! I’m so excited I just can’t wait to see her walking down the aisle!! LOL! Congratulations to you Ally and Jeff!!

I spent a couple of hours today re-organizing my study and scrap area. I know for a fact that I hardly scrap these days and my room is clean but I just had an urge to re-organize them. And I’m happy now that it’s looking better than before. 🙂





You know what? My friends keep telling me that I have this obsessive behavior of wanting everything to be organized and neat!! LOL!! Seriously, I’m like that. I love being neat. I can’t live in a messed up place. I used to be agitated when I see something out of place but not anymore, well maybe a little. I learned how to hang loose and relaxed and not getting over obsessed with orderliness. I’ve changed over the years for the better. I learned how to take things easy and worry less. I learned how to stop worrying and start believing that life will be much better if I let go.

Anyway, my buttons supply has arrived last week and I can start sewing again!! Whoooopeeeeeeee!!


You just don’t know how much I’ve missed sewing!! So much that I had this withdrawal symptom bugging me day and night!! LOL! LOL!

Oh…oh…..oh……..and I’m planning to get rid of my scrap table and get this one real soon!! 😀


I just can’t wait!!

Well, I think I’ve said enough in this post and it’s time to say good night.

I hope you’ve had a great week. Have a wonderful weekend!! 😀

  • JenniferMay 2, 2009 - 3:04 am

    Congratulations Leena! So glad that everything is working out for you! I know how hard’s its been away from your family while you traveled for work, so this is just great!

    Jenn in Vancouver

  • KateMay 2, 2009 - 10:24 pm

    congratulations, leena! you’ve got a wonderful family, a great job that you love and a hobby that you’re excellent at! *huggies*

    and such a neat area! i’m sure you’re gonna get a cardiac arrest if you see my “creative mess”, which really IS a big mess. haha…

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