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I am certainly looking forward to reading these books. I happened to google some reference books on Autism just a while ago and I found these highly reviewed books available at and decided to get them. It will be great to read more about Autism so that the hubby and I will be able to understand better how to help and understand Ethan as much as possible. It will also help us to cope and move on. I know reading these books is only going to help us to have a clear understanding on Autism. At the end of the day, the effort will still have to come from us. As a parent, we would want Ethan to grow up and have a normal life like any other kids.

We do not deny that at times we had difficulty understanding why the sudden outburst of Ethan’s behavior. Sometimes for no apparent reason, his mood will changed abruptly and he would pratically throw into a fit over little things like taking his bath or having his meal or doing his school work. So, what we usually do is we just leave him alone until he calms down. Then we would sit together and talked about it. And he would apologize for his outburst. That is something we love about him. He never fails to deliver the final touch and he knows that we’ll still love him no matter what happens.

Just last night when the hubby came down with a flu and I took over the task of writing and reading with him before his bedtime. He was so eager to complete his school work because I told him that daddy would feel much better if he finishes up his work. The funny part was after he shown his dad his work, he said “Daddy, are you feeling much better now?”. LOL! Kids always have a way of brightening up your day and make you feel better with such affectionate gestures.

And just this morning after he woke up, he went straight to his daddy again and ask him if he is feeling much better. And he said he’ll accompany the hubby to see the doctor. We’re just glad that Ethan is growing up to be a very sensible boy. We always try our best to educate him to have compassion for people and even animals (he’s a great animal lover anyway). We do not spoil him. We discipline him when deemed necessary. We reward him for his good behavior and we certainly do not tolerate disrespect for any family members and friends and even strangers. But right at this moment, he gets along well with everyone and I’m sure some of you who knows Ethan and met him, he’s a friendly and a wonderful child.

We’re taking each day slowly to make things work better for our child and for ourselves. We are rallying together as a family to make sure everyone will be part of the decision that we make. And we believe, things will turn out better everyday for all of us. We need to make the effort. Even if it takes years to do that, we’re ready to face every challenge in a positive way.

Well, on another note, I found myself some yummy craft books for my reading pleasure.



I ordered these craft books by Lena Corwin and Lotta Jansdotter. I actually found them a while ago while I was browsing online and I feel that it’s time to get them.

I’ve an avid reader of all kinds of books, be it fiction or non-fiction novels, art and crafts, photography, self-motivation books, biographies, etc.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have have hundreds of books lining on the shelf and in the box. I have found reading to be therapeutic. Reading could just amazingly heal your soul and take away your stress and tiredness. Believe me, I could read a few books a day, just taking breaks in between for shower and food. I did that many times before years ago. But for now, it would a miracle if I could finish a book within a month!! LOL! But I will still find some quiet time in the evening when everyone is in bed to read. Even if I fell asleep before I could finish a page but at least I read.

Anyway, I have to get back to work now. Lots of datelines and reports to complete. What is new anyway. 😉

And thank you to Martha B for putting me on the Catwalk at SiStv today. You just made my day. 🙂

And also thank you to you for all your messages. I always enjoy reading them. Truly.

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