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I'm almost done

with my shopping! Am I happy? Definitely! 😀

But……………my legs and feet are aching so much I wanna cry! Sob…..sob…… I walked so much I think I could cover the entire Singapore in a day!! Bwahahahahahaha!! That’s exaggerated. ;p

I’m going bonkers, not being able to speak a decent English with anyone in my entire trip, except with my HQ colleagues and the hotel staff. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there isn’t a single soul here in Tokyo who doesn’t speak English but it’s just unfortunate that the people that I stopped on the street or the wonderful and friendly staff in the craft store cannot really grasp what I’m trying to say. But thank goodness there’s a customer who happened to see me talking animatedly came to my rescue!! She spoke great English and she became my translator a good 5 minutes. Thank you so much!

Anyway, I got through the metro in a breeze. Everyone here was very helpful and they never fail to stop and provide me with some directions, or helped me find the stuff that I’m looking for in the craft store. There is no place like Japan where their service is so well known all over the world. In fact, in all the 25 countries that I’ve travelled, Japan still ranked No.1 in my list of the greatest service provider in the world! I think you would agree with me.

They are absolutely gracious, respectful and they take so much pride in their job. That’s what I love about Japan. When anyone pass by a store, the staff will immediately call out to you  and greet you with much enthusiasm, even if you don’t step into the store. When you browse the store without buying anything, they thank you for patronizing and welcome you back. And after you pay for your merchandise, they thank you again for shopping with them. And they do that sincerely.

And my best experience whenever I visit Japan is that train commuters fall in line to get on the train! That’s just AMAZING! Hey, I’m no country pumpkin ok? I’m just amazed by their etiquette. But if you try to commute in Singapore, you tell me your experience and I’m sure you know what I mean, eh? lols! lol!

I gotta go and pack my bag. I need to check out by 10am tomorrow morning. Then, I need to kill some time with more shopping until it’s time for me to hop on the bus to catch my flight. I’m returning to Singapore in the evening!! Yipeeeeee!! I missed my family so much I can’t wait to see them again. 😀

Now……………….. how am I going to close my luggage?!? Sit on it and latch it, silly me! Hahahahahahaha!! You wouldn’t want to see this, trust me. 😀


  • celine navarroJune 18, 2009 - 3:52 pm

    I’ve always heard about how Japanese people are so friendly and helpful… It is one of my dreams to go there! 🙂

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