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P1150365 My colleague obliged me with this pose. She’s wearing a “Small” size. Thanks Jess! 🙂

*Updates* The color she’s wearing is Cream in Baby Pink Big Flower.

This top comes in many wonderful colors and the floral patch design is gorgeous and eye-catching. I’ll be posting a few more pictures with several colors and design tomorrow.

I have gotten 14 firm orders from my friends and colleagues. Some of the girls are buying for themselves and their loved ones and even some of my males colleagues are getting them for their wives and girlfriends! lol!

And if you’re interested, I’m taking in orders until Sunday morning, Singapore time. Email me at

Unfortunately, I don’t make this. This is one of the products I’ve discovered lately and it’s been well received.

The top comes in sizes of Small, Medium and Large. I owned 6 pieces of them! 🙂

Price is at S$12.90 per piece for all sizes.

This does not include shipping fee. Please email me for shipping fee. Orders are opened to all Singapore and International customers. Once the stocks are depleted, I won’t be bringing them in anymore.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!!

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