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Canvas, paints and butterflies

When I was in secondary school, art was one of the subjects made compulsory to all students. I remembered clearly that I reaaaaaally dread going for art classes. I was totally hopeless in art and I had zero interest in crafting anything. I can’t even draw a proper face, with eyes, nose, mouth and everything. Seriously, you wouldn’t even want to see me draw an apple! lol!lol!

So, my dear Mommy insisted that I needed a tutor to cultivate that interest in me and I was ‘forced’ to attend weekly art tuition, in order for me to “pass” the art exam in school. None of my family members are artistically inclined, either in music or art. So, there wasn’t going to be a slight chance at all that I would turned into Van Gogh or Picasso overnight! *laugh*

So, she had no choice but to send me for extra art classes just to make sure I made it through. Thanks Mom! I not only made it through the exam but with flying colors too!! That’s the amazing part that until today, I still have a big ??? in my head. How the heck did I do it?? My art teacher must be “blind”!! Bwahahahahaha……………….

Anyway, coming close to 37 of age, I am still very much unable to draw a proper face, without making it look like an alien! My son and hub always laugh at my drawing. Yeah…..yeah……so what if I can’t draw! (My hub is a born artist and that’s what they say about people who are left hander). But in every way, I’ve been blessed with good genes, thanks to my Mom and Dad, for the “never say die” attitude. And since picking up scrapbooking nearly 3 years ago and not having touch a paint since 16, I’m glad I started experimenting it a couple of months ago. My shortcoming in art does not stop me from giving it another try after 20 years. I still couldn’t draw but I could paint adequately to satisfy my own needs. My need to try and try and try…………….

Humbly, I’m lucky in every way that I have a knack of coordinating colors. You could say I have an eye for colors. That’s my strength and I use it to my advantage. I couldn’t tell you how I do it, it just comes naturally. And I thank the Lord for blessing me with eyes and mind that could help me in crafting. 🙂

Today’s my lucky day. Thank you to Two Peas, my layout is being featured in their gallery, my 1st time. I’m as happy as a bunny! 😀


Being on half day off from work, I came back home with 2 of my colleagues to play with my craft supplies. I welcome them with open arms because I need someone to help clear my stuff! They’re happy and I am too. 😀

We played with paints and colors and loads of papers and butterfly punch and canvas and Ikea frames and lots more.

Look how busy we were in my scrap room.



Look at the crazy mess! We just love it! *laugh*


Don’t you just love butterflies?? 😀


I played with paints and mist on my canvas.


Here’s the effect.


 Something is brewing from this piece of canvas. Will post it again once I’m done.

I hope you’ve had a great Friday today and happy weekend to you! 😀

  • RenoaNovember 13, 2009 - 10:12 am

    Hi Leena!

    Loving this post! 😀 love seeing ppl get messy and those mess is certainly a lovely mess 😀
    Congrats on ur publish! thats a reaaaaaaaal fab LO!
    would wana try those paints and mists…

  • PooiNovember 14, 2009 - 5:54 am

    wow…. ur paint, slash, mist is soooo yummy! love it 🙂

  • aprilNovember 14, 2009 - 5:28 pm

    Congrats on being featured!! I know how that feel. I only knew that one of my layout was being featured when I received a peamail from my 2pea’s friend! Like you, I took a photo of that precious screen too, hahahaha…Have been so busy the past few days, and I missed your featured layout and so many of your posts! Love that layout, lots! Your colleagues were so lucky to have the great chance to mess up your place! Envy,envy,envy….

  • LiaNovember 15, 2009 - 8:35 am

    congrats on the feature hun!

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