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Can you tell

if someone appreciates what you’re doing for them or you got to hear it right out from their mouth?

I could tell from their body language, not only words. But sometimes we may get the wrong message and we assume that people do appreciate your kindness. In actual fact, they may not.

But I know of someone who sincerely appreciate my kindness and is grateful for what I’ve done for her. And she recipocrate my kindness by displaying her affection, care and concern for my family, especially my son. And I’m ever so thankful that I found her, she’s a God gift from Heaven. 😀

Thank you S, for you’ve shown great respect for our family and is ever so patient with us. We love you like our own family and I hope you’re truly happy with us.

Well, I sort of wanting to start saying my thanks to the people around me. I may not have said enough how thankful I am for their presence in my life.

So, for every other day or week, I would make sure I’ll say my words of appreciation here. It will be for my family and friends or whoever I’ve come across that I want to thank.

Anyway, thank you to a couple of days break without the bosses in the office! Hahahahahaha!! Hey, I’m still working even though they’re not around. I’ve just got tons of work to accomplish and there’s no way I would slack in my job. That’s not me you know. 😉

I recently found some great fonts to work on, thanks to this person for the link. I’ve downloaded some and played around with them. Really cool fonts!





If you like, you can find them here. There are hundreds to choose from. 

Sometimes when my eyes get too tired, I would take a break and source for some inspiration to re-energize and get going again. But I haven’t had much luck lately getting any great inspiration. I’ve no mojo to scrap or craft or whatsoever. Hope it’ll come back soon. I sooooooo need to craft! But I’ve been reading lots of articles, mostly on photography. I’m actually preparing for a photoshoot this weekend, hence the extra hard work doing some ‘research’. lol…lol…

I’m gearing up  for a packed weekend this week. On Saturday morning, I’ve got a photoshoot assignment, back to home for a one-to-one canvas class (special arrangement) and followed by Christmas dinner at my place with my friends and their families. Sunday will be my 2nd canvas class session, and followed by some quiet time with my family. Haven’t decide what we’re going to do yet but I know we’ll be tired out at the end of the day. 😀

Anyway, thanks for popping by and hope to come in again soon!

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