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Christmas in Singapore

This is one of the most celebrated seasons of the year in Singapore and also throughout the world. The only difference between the Singapore and the other part of Northern or Southern sphere is, we don’t snow here and in fact I would call it “Hot Christmas”!! lol…lol…

Well, in a way, it’s unique. In the month of December, it is usually cooler than the rest of months in the year. However, climate changes due to global warming, December is becoming warmer each year. Unlike those days when I was very young, it always rain in December. We’ll be lucky if we get showers.

However, these make up for the warm weather. 😀

IMG_0572_1 copy

IMG_0596_1 copy

IMG_0592_1 copy

IMG_0546 copy

IMG_0601_1 copy

We loooooooooove Christmas at Orchard Road, every single year!! The street will be lighted up with beautiful lights and decorated trees are everywhere!! We always make it a must to stroll along Orchard Road and taking pictures amongst hundreds of people. We don’t mind the crowd during this season. The Christmas mood just make up for it. 😀

Now, let’s talk a little about photography, my love and passion. 😀

You know, night photography is one of the hardest to master. Because of low light, we have to compensate with high ISO and higher shutter speed to make sure we don’t get blurred and dark pictures. Many people will opt for the auto mode which will activate the flash automatically. I don’t like that. In fact, I don’t use flash 99% of the time when I use my DSLR. The effect is not-so-great I would say and I’m sure some of you would agree with me. I love working with natural lights.

So, after reading a couple of tips from DPS (you can find it at my sidebar under Photography), I decided to get a little adventurous and I worked on manual mode, even the lens is on manual focus.

And I love the effect of these pictures when they are off-focus.

IMG_0584_1 copy

IMG_0589_2 copy

I only used the Photoshop to add vignette to the 2 pictures.

I’m starting to experiment with off-focus shots and I love how it gives a different effect than the always-focused shots. You know what I mean? 🙂

Then I experimented with shots on reflection.

And this is my interpretation.

IMG_0620_1 copy

IMG_0621_1 copy

I love the effect of these 2 shots. I played around a little with the contrast, brightness and added vignette. No extra touches on colors or what so ever.

I’ve been very disciplined. I read articles from DPS every other day, at times more than 10 articles each day on tutorials on tips and techniques. Reading is one thing but trying it out is another. And I did both, reading and applying to what I’ve learned. Practice makes perfect, so there’s no short cuts out in getting perfect pictures by just a click of a button.

I’ve mentioned this a couple of months ago, having the best cameras does not make your pictures look great. As the saying goes, “The real difference between an average photo and an amazing photo, is the photographer, not the camera”. 😀

I’m not a super talented photographer and I don’t claimed to be one. But one thing for sure, I work really hard. Call me crazy but I read my manuals. So, before you start going around and say “Hey, I have the same camera but how come my pictures turned out like that?, start reading and practice a lot!! Take your camera everywhere with you, take lots of pictures and stop complaining how heavy it is to carry it around. Why buy it in the first place, right? 😀

Be adventurous and practice in manual mode. Take a few shots of the same subject, play around with different settings and see the outcome of each shot. You’ll get there in no time, believe me. I’m also sharing some articles I’ve read at my side bar under “Worth Reading” on tips and techniques, please pop in and read them.

I’ve had a great time this weekend with my family. I am sooooooooo not looking forward to go back to work tomorrow! Who does anyway. lol….lol…..

Good night!

  • aprilDecember 13, 2009 - 11:15 pm

    Great shots, Leena! I don’t like to use flash too, indoor or outdoor, day or night. But I am more comfortable with daylight. Like what you said, practice make perfect, must keep trying to get better. Thanks for sharing!

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