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Day #3

This was taken at my home this morning when the hub was cleaning up Ethan’s bike after they returned from their bike riding.


Details: Canon EF50mm f/1.8II lens, focal length~50mm, f-stop~f/3.5, exposure~1/25sec, ISO100, Aperture Priority, no flash, minor PS editing on contrast.

Ethan is now on his afternoon nap and I have some free time to myself. This is the time of the day when there’s peace & quiet and the next couple of hours are certainly precious. lol….lol….

Today is also the last day of my long break. Yep, I’ll be back at work tomorrow. Darn, not something I look forward to :(. Spending the last 10 days with the hub and Ethan have been truly amazing. It was worth every seconds (with all the screaming, hugging and kissing, crying and laughing, mostly from Ethan *laugh*)Even though I can’t see myself being a full-time homemaker, but I could do with more of this kind long breaks. You know, 2 weeks break for every quarter of the year. Maybe I should speak to my boss about this kind of arrangement. Hahahahahahaha……………. I’ll probably get kicked out the moment I suggest this to him. 😉

Ethan is also starting his new school term in K2 this year. Yikes, how time flies and he’s already in year 2 kindergarten! And before we know it, he’ll be in Primary1 next year! I thought it was only a while ago when he started calling me ‘Mom’ (I was soooooooo proud this was his first word when he started babbling at one). Sigh………………. My baby is all grown up. I really missed the days when he was just a toddler, before he started ‘arguing’ with me*laugh*. But I’m glad he’s growing up to be a fine young man. Despite being diagnosed with High Functioning Autism exactly a year ago, he has progressed well. In fact, he progressed so well for the past one year we’ve seen such a big change in him, expecially with the help of therapies.

Deep down inside, the hub and I know he’ll be alright. We’re so thankful and grateful he is our boy. We would never trade him for any others, despite his condition. His affectionate and bubbly demeanour makes him a very likable boy. All of my family and friends love him to bits because he’s friendly (over! lol….lol…), courteous & respectful (we trained him very hard since he was a baby), lovable, got a great sense of humour, chatty, and very generous with hugs & kisses. And they love his accent (God knows where he picked them up since he spoke his 1st word!). We love you Ethan! 🙂

I do hope all of you had a great holiday and you’re looking forward to a great year ahead.

  • Geraldine angJanuary 3, 2010 - 3:28 am

    Hi leena, love the idea of 365 project.. And thos photos you had taken will lovely.. Continue to inspire us *grin*, don’t give up halfway ya. Love, Gera

  • jeanie nievaJanuary 4, 2010 - 7:00 am

    if you’re using outlook, maybe the it person backed up your pst/ost files. if you’re using lotus notes, i know there’s also a way to back it up. anyway, i know how you feel. i had to reformat my laptop the week before i was supposed to go on leave for my if it wasn’t enough that i was already cramming to transition. but you know what they say about murphy’s law. hope things start looking up for you. 🙂

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