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Day #8

I made another take in my office again today. There’s a reason why I chose to take this picture, with me in the mirror.

About 10 months ago my work table was shifted to my manager’s place, where she used to sit. After she was promoted to my manager, she was given a choice to sit next to window and I was offered her table. I grabbed at the chance because my new view would be facing the window where I could gaze out and day dream a little when I get too tired facing my own computer. (not that the view is fantastic but I love looking out the window without feeling suffocated by 4 walls. The down side of this seat is I wouldn’t be able to see who will walk towards my table. So, being in the automotive industry, we have seen all types of parts of a vehicle when we visit workshops and I couldn’t imagine I was given a rear-view mirror (God knows which car has been stripped off the rear-view mirror!) from a colleague of mine. Hahahahaha! And I said to him “What is this for?”. He said “since your back is not ‘protected’ from whoever is ‘sneaking’ behind you, this will help you lookout for whoever is walking towards your table. You know…….. especially big boss if he’s checking whether you’re working or surfing the net”. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Can you imagine that brilliant idea?

So, that’s the story behind that rear-view mirror that sits on my table and I could clearly see whoever is walking past behind me. My boss even asked me what is the mirror doing on my table and where did I get it from. I just brushed him off and said “Oh…… you know, I need check and make sure I look pretty all day!”. Hah! He laughed his head off. 😉

Here’s my precious mirror.


Details: Canon EF28-135mm  f/3.5-5.6 lens, focal length~47mm, f-stop~f/4, exposure~1/30sec, ISO400, Aperture Priority, no flash, minor PS editing on contrast & hue.

Happy Weekend!

  • EeBingJanuary 9, 2010 - 10:54 am

    ur mirror is so cool! i should have one too 🙂

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