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Like I said before, that I’ve stopped making resolutions for years because I always ended up ‘failing’ badly keeping my so-called promises. But for this year, I’m setting some goals for myself which I believe is achievable. I would not say that if I don’t see those goals materialized by the end of this year, I will ‘fail’. Nope. That’s not what I’ll be judging myself. What matters most is whether I’m putting effort and working towards what I want to achieve. I think it’s the process that I’ll be looking at, not the end results. You know what I mean? 🙂

Right now, I’ve only set a goal for myself, which is to improve my photography skill by taking a picture a day. It’s looking good so far and I’m hoping to keep it up without anyone prompting me to do so. 😉

But there are also a couple of things in my mind that I want to do or hope I would be able to do. I will do this progressively, not running them at the same time. I know it will be too overwhelming for me wanting to ‘complete’ everything at the same time and I’m very sure it will be abandon before I even start. lol………

Here are a couple of the “I would love to do” things in the list and I will note this down in my new journal for 2010 (this will be handmade by myself) 🙂

1. Photography Project365 (started on Jan 1st)

2. Compile all my Project365 photos and bind them in an album or display in a collage board (need to work on this soon)

3. Designing my new photography website 😉

4. An all-girls trip to Bali this July with my girlfriends (no hubs, no kids, no pets etc) 😀

5. Our 10th year marriage anniversary celebration. It’ll be either 1) a trip (we were discussing whether it’ll be Tibet or Mongolia or Club Med Kaniin Maldives) or 2) a small party with close friends. Option 1) will be our preferred choice. 😀

6) Spend more time with family and friends *top priority*

7) Eat and sleep well

8) Keeping my hair long (last time was in 1999, I think)

I think I’ll stop the list here for now until I achieve at least half of them before making more.

So, do you have a list made up for yourself? I mean, a REAL list, which is measurable, not just “wishes” ya. *laugh*

Share them please………….. only if you feel like it. 🙂

P/S I’ve posted my photo today on the Project365 page. Thanks for looking!

Oh……….before I forget. Do you remember this layout?


Well, I’m also in the midst of planning for my next class of this layout combined with a canvas piece (a new design). Both of these will be offered in the same class (2-in-1) with lots of painting, misting, inking and sewing (machine) techniques! My last canvas class was a big success, thank you to the girls who made them so fun and enjoyable. 😀

Many girls have actually missed my Dec’s classes due to work commitment, vacations etc. So, hopefully this will make up for you, if you’re still interested. On the downside, I will only offer 1 class with up to 4 slots for this 2-in-1 layout & canvas class. I try very hard to find time to have more classes but unfortunately, I will be very tied up from now through March. Work commitment, photography session and private classes have taken up a lot of my weekends, so the rest will be my family and ‘me’ time. Hope you understand.

*NOTE* ~ I’ll be posting my new canvas design and a date (most probably 1st week of Feb, either on the 6th or 7th afternoon) for the class real soon! So, please stay tuned. If you are interested, you can also contact me to pre-book a slot for the class at leenaloh73[at]gmail[dot]com.

  • marinaJanuary 12, 2010 - 12:11 pm

    Hola!animo con tu deseos para el 2010. Por cierto, me encanta tu project365 porque estoy intentando aprender un poco de fotografía y ver tus fotos y sobre todo el modo y los parámetros que usas me ayuda mucho.Gracias por compartir. Te lo escribo en mi idioma porque mi inglés es un poco malo, así solo tienes que darle a traducir…jajaja

  • WirdaJanuary 12, 2010 - 6:19 pm

    Can’t wait… hope its within my schedule… 🙂

  • mariamJanuary 14, 2010 - 5:37 pm

    Hi Leena,
    Love your LOs big time! I have been wondering for the longest time since I have been lurking here 😛 your photograph your LO or scan it? its so perfectly square. hope u get what I mean.

    great list on my side I would love to let go and not have all sorts of judgment on how I scrap..I would love to see my own creativity flow instead of being stuck in fear.

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