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Monday Blues

I don’t usually have Monday blues but today is the day that it finally happened to me. I hate to start off on the wrong side of my bed and it got worse as the hours passed.

My work laptop is my life line when I’m working. Without it, I couldn’t have survived the past 2 years. Blame in on the job that requires me to plaster my face on the screen from the moment I step into the office until I leave. That’s my job.

So, my lappie has been infected with some dumb and blardy deadly virus ( I swear I would kill the person for spreading this!) 2 weeks ago and I finally had to return it to the office last week to revive it, after failing to do it myself. So, after days of trying to get rid of the virus, my IT colleague broke the bad news to me “We have to re-format your lappie”. I said “Ok, do what you have to do to bring it back alive”. So, we went through the process of backing up all my 2 years of hardwork and we started the process of re-formatting.

But when it was done and my lappie was returned to me, working like a new lappie again (except for the cracked hole on the case and covered with my son’s Winnie The Pooh plaster), I realized that I lost an email folder worth of 2 years correspondence,¬†which consist of all my internal emails between all the departments in my office, NOT in my personal folder anymore!! Great huh?

I had such a crappy day!! Mind you, this rarely happened to me but what the heck, I have to start all over again, with an open mind.

  • LiaJanuary 4, 2010 - 6:56 am

    so horrid!!

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