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came to Singapore, finally. When it was first announced a couple of years that the Integrated Resort over at Sentosa Island will build a Universal Studio, I thought it was cool. At least they are bringing the island back to life again! I still remembered when I first visited Sentosa Island about 15 years ago, I went like “this is it?”. It was like a dormant volcano, really dead. They have nothing at all in the island, except for the Underwater World, which could hardly compensate for the lack of activities in the island.

But now, after 15 years………… is a complete turnaround compared to those days. The island is now buzzing with activities and great attractions and people are spending weekends in the island. I have to say it is a complete ‘makeover’ and highly successful.

And so, back to the Universal Studio. The hub and I decided to bring Ethan for a day of fun rides and let him have a feel how does a theme park  looks like. He has never been to one, except to the one in Genting Highland but that was nothing compared to this one. This is the first Universal Studio in Asia and we are proud it has landed in Singapore! 🙂

We spent 6 hours in the Studio and I have to say it was pretty cool and fun. I’ve been to the one in Los Angeles, so I would say this one is a mini version of the Universal Studio in LA. The rides are cool especially the Jurassic Rapid Water and the Mummy rides. All of us got soaked in the rapid ride but I tell ya, it was fun!! The Mummy was cool too, but the hub and Ethan didn’t ride on it because Ethan chicken out last minute. I can’t blame him because the ride was pretty scary as we were in total darkness in the tunnel or something like that (I can’t see a single thing!).

Sadly, the main highlight of all rides was the Galactica and it was not in service. It had some technical glitch and it was closed on Sunday! What hard luck. I heard that a lot people were asking for refund for their tickets because the Galactica ride was not working. Can’t blame them as the tickets cost quite a bit on the weekend and since the ride broke down, they should get at least some discounts. But lucky us, we didn’t pay for the full price. My cousin is working with the resort, so we enjoyed great discounts on the tickets. 😀 (the priviledge is strictly for family members only 😉 )

So, here are some photos we took from our outing. *Pictures are taken with Canon 7D and Canon 28-135mm lens*

This is the famous Universal Studio globe at the entrance.

The hub is enjoying his 2nd childhood. lol…lol…

It was a well spent Sunday. We had fun despite the hot weather. The hub and I agreed that both of us will take a day off from work and return again to take all the rides especially the Galactica which we had to miss. Just the 2 of us. 😀

I think the Universal Studio is a great place to go if you happened to be visiting Singapore. And for the residents, you have to go at least once to experience the rides.

Have a great week ahead!

P/S Thank you to all of you who ordered the flowers from me and for those of you who missed the sales because the stock ran out, I promise to bring them back again in time to come.

  • WirdaMarch 30, 2010 - 10:16 pm

    awww… thank you for sharing these pictures… your son has the most precious expressions… ever! I enjoyed reading and looking at these beautiful photos.

  • JanaMarch 30, 2010 - 10:22 pm

    Your pictures are AWESOME, Leena! Amazing! I can’t wait to see how you scrap them, too! 😉 Hugs!

  • elaine tMarch 31, 2010 - 11:39 am

    Such beautiful photos Leena!! Pls give my love to Ethan – he’s an amazing little one. :))

  • Wei YenMarch 31, 2010 - 5:55 pm


    may i know what camera and lens are you using? the photos look amazing! 😀

  • aprilApril 1, 2010 - 11:04 pm

    I really enjoy all your beautiful photos!!

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