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I just wonder

when Ethan grows up, he’ll have great taste when he picks a girlfriend or wife, just like he picks a dress for me to try when we were out shopping yesterday. *laugh* Yeah, I’m a crazy mom with lots of hopes for my boy. But of course looks are never important when it comes to relationship. What I would wish for is my son to be happy with his choice of partner, who has mutual understanding and respect for each other.

So, what is this all about taste for girlfriend that I’m talking about? Just yesterday, when I was out window shopping with Ethan (we needed the cool air condition in the mall as the weather was extremely hot!), my dear son picked up a dress for me to try on. I wouldn’t imagine my 6 year old boy to have great sense of color and design choices for clothes but I’m certainly impressed. 😀

This was what he picked up for me.

I love this!

And this was my choice.

This would be great for work. 🙂

Anyway, I didn’t get either both. They were a bit overpriced, so I’ll probably wait for the Great Singapore Sales, which will be here really soon. I know they’ll be on bargain, so I can wait. 😀

On another note, we had a get together crop on Friday night for all the Made With Love DT and it was also for Irene and myself to say goodbye to everyone. It was our last day on the team and we would like to express our appreciation to all the girls and to the owners for the wonderful opportunity with a great SB store and team. It was a pretty sad to leave the team but I’m truly happy during my term with MWL. Thanks so much for the wonderful 2.5 years!! Will miss you all so much!

These girls are just amazingly talented!

That’s Jasmine, one of the instructors, myself and Swee Ching, one of the store owners. 3 married women, 2 of us with kiddos and we’re behaving like 18yrs old! lol….lol…..They’re truly fun!

So much so for the weekend, spending most of our time at home, avoiding the hot sun and keeping cool at home. Hope the weather is going to get better soon.

Thank you once again for leaving your comments for the Pink Paislee inspiration tour. The response is overwhelming and never in the history of my blogging years I had close to 300 comments in a single post! 😀

Oh, before I forget, here’s a peek of my page for this coming Wednesday’s challenge at {entrARTistes} Magazine blog.

Have a great Sunday!

  • LiaMay 5, 2010 - 9:16 am

    Can you hear the song ‘Freedom’ by George Michael in the background? 🙂

    Ethan so clever, chose really appropriate outfits for Mommy! So your style dear, you should get at least one of those. 🙂

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