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Crash and burn

I simply can’t believe that my first day meeting at my Japan office, my work lappie died on me! This is just impossible but there’s nothing I can do. Saving cost at the expense of our work welfare, each of us are being given the cheapest lot of Dell lappie for work and this is what happened. *laugh*

Anyway, it’s my day 4 in Yokohama and after days of meeting and getting my brain fried, I finally borrowed my colleague’s lappie to get in here to say hi. Just in case you’re wondering why I have not come in earlier to share with you my stay here, I’m doing fine, tired from long hours of meetings after meetings but I’m well fed 😀

Since Monday, we’ve been out for great and awesome dinners for 3 consecutive nights. I’m not complaining and I need to let my fingers exercise a little posting this so my food can burn faster. Hahahahahaha!! I think the food has poisoned my brain and I’m talking nonsense. 😉

I took pictures when I arrived here on Sunday but then again, they’re all in my lappie and there’s no way I could retrieve them and share with you. I need to get back to Singapore and let my IS colleague to fix my lappie before I could post my pictures. I’m dead sure he’s gonna kill me for crashing my lappie again (not the 1st time). 3 times in 6 months, he’s definitely gonna skin me alive! *laugh*

Anyway, I hope to come home soon. Been missing my hub and boy like hell! Thanks to my colleague for her lappie, I managed to chat up with my boys over the messenger tonight. Thank God for that! I think I need to be more mindful to take care of my lappie though it’s not my property, I need it badly to stay in touch with everyone and for work. So, for the past few days, I’ve been doing my work the conventional way, writing notes on my notebook. Darn, my fingers are so sore from writing so much!

I’ll be back on Saturday and will come in again soon and show you all the pictures I took and my shopping spree goodies. 😀

Have fun and don’t miss me too much!

  • stephJune 10, 2010 - 9:23 am

    ohno, hope your lappie gets up and running. hope you’re having fun in JP. always wanted to go there. heard they have a lot of crafting goodies (but singapore does too, right?)…i think i would have a field day there :). best wishes as you go on your travels. *hugs* steph 🙂

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