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Happy Birthday Ethan

We celebrated our dear lovable boy’s 6th Birthday yesterday with a day out. We had lunch, did a little shopping and watched Toys Story 3. Well, we had a big celebration last week with my family in Malaysia, so yesterday was just the 3 of us and we had a great time together. Ethan actually fell sick a couple of days ago and he recovered 80% just in time for his big day. And now, he’s back at school today, fully recovered. We’re just so glad he’s all well and active again. 🙂

Anyway, just to share some images I took yesterday and I think they’re worth scrapping in time to come. *laugh*

He’s now at an age where he likes to make funny faces when having his pictures taken.

This is even a bigger ‘miracle’, to have a clear picture taken with him, without him bobbing up and down my lap and not making funny faces! *laugh*

Now, this was a quick snapshot of Daddy holding on to him before he ran away again.

See these 2 pictures, Daddy had to clamp Ethan down until his face was all squashed! lol….lol….

And here’s our Birthday boy with 2 missing front teeth, laughing away at being hold down by Daddy. 🙂

So, now you know how active our boy is, even at 6 now? 😀 We still have years to enjoy this little boy who is simply affectionate and always happy. Until then, he’ll be all grown up and won’t be like who he is now. I seriously hope he’ll stay just the way he is, always fun and lovable.

We love you so much Ethan, with all our mighty hearts. And remember we’ll always be there for you. 🙂

On the crafting front, I managed to churn out 2 layouts which is scheduled to be released soon in due time. Here’s a little peek of what I did, with loads of fun!

And before I knock off to watch the World Cup game (yes, I’m a huge fan!!), I’d like to thank you so much for all your warm wishes on my last post. I’ve recovered from the shock and reality is sinking in and I’m really looking forward to working with one of my favourite SB brand!

Til then, see ya again soon! 🙂


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