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Vacation is over

But how come I feel like I’m still on one? *laugh*

Anyway, welcome me back! I’ve been away for 2 weeks, for business trip followed by a week long vacation to my home in Malaysia. I had a blast of a time with my family and I finally get to see my grandmothers after 3 years. I’ve missed them a LOT!!

This is my maternal grandma.

And this is my paternal grandma.

I think I take after my maternal grandma. You know, pretty & adorable! Bwahahahaha! I’m not kidding you know. Everyone says so. I mean, she’s still pretty for her age and she must have been really pretty when she was younger, so I assume I look like her when she was younger and I will look like her at this age now in 50 years time. 😀 😀

Anyway, I was truly happy to see both of them again and I hope I could make another visit home very soon. They’ve told me “Please don’t come home in another 3 years time, we may not live that long to see you again”. Jesus Christ, why do they say things like that as if it’s a simple statement. Grans are always like that, aren’t they? Hahahahaha!

While we were away, we had the painter over to re-paint our home and now our place is just like brand new again! It looks completely fresh and bright and I love it! We’re also trying to re-decorate Ethan’s room with his favorite wall decal, setting up shelfs for his toys and books, and also his night lamp, so he will sleep in his own room when he starts school next week. Yeah, he’s been sleeping in OUR bedroom since he was born (but not in our bed) and he refused to bump over to his own room. That’s why we took time & effort to make sure his room is attractive for him to stay there from the New Year onwards.

It was a good start last night when he asked us if we want to have a sleepover in his room. *laugh* He did great and slept in his own room. But he fell off the bed onto my helper in the middle of the night! lol! My poor girl.

I’m back at work now but it’s completely deserted. There are only about 20% of us in the office, with the rest on vacation until after New Year. It is definitely great not having the bosses around. Love the peace and quietness for at least another week. Wahoooooo!! 😉

I gotta go. I have tons to update but I need to complete some projects which I’m way behind my schedule and I’m still in the midst of cleaning & purging my scrap space! It’s in a mess, just like a hurricane just swept through! Aaarrrrgghhh!! I really dislike cleaning up my scrap space! 🙁

Hope you had a great Christmas & Happy Holidays!!

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