New Class Coming Up!

Hey there! I’m back from my short business trip and have been busy buzzing around everywhere! Ethan has finally gone back to school after a week’s break and lucky enough, I managed to spend some time with him and the hub last weekend to make up for lost time while I was away. It’s always a challenge trying to keep a balance between family life and work but in time to come, I need to streamline my priorities so I can focus more on my family and things that I love doing. Who says being a working mother is ever easy? Hah! I wish it may sound as simple as everyone thought but man, am I so wrong! It’s absolutely draining and I have only a child to look after! I really take my hats off to those mommies who have to juggle between having a huge family, like 3-4 kids or more and having a full time job at the same time. They’re God’s gift to men because there’s no way a man can do what a woman does with her hands full of kids, taking charge of the household and keeping it in order, making sure everyone is well-fed and having to work at the same time!! I shouldn’t complaint too much, really. I should be thankful that the hub helps out as much as he could and it leaves me some time to do my scrapbooking and photography. I still thank the Lord every day for sending this sweet man my way.:)

Anyway, on a good and happy note, since starting my DT assignment with Scraplicious this March, I’ve been trying to get some projects done and I’ll be soon starting my first teaching assignment from April!! YAY!:D

This new mini album class titled “Made-Line In Love” that I’m working on will be featuring the new CHAW collection from Prima, the Madeline Collection!! And of course there are many other goodies thrown into this album and I’m so excited to get started in April!:D

There will be 2 classes that I’ll be teaching and they’re available on the 8th and 22nd April. You can either call Scraplicious at 6345 8600 to book a slot or you can even book online right HERE.

Here’s a sneak on the mini album for my class.

I hope to see you there! It’s really nice to be able to teach again after a long break.;)

Before I forget, my lovely and talented friend Irene will be starting to teach at Scraplicious in April too. I’ve seen her class samples for this and this in the store and they’re gorgeous! I’m signing up for her classes and I strongly encourage you do the same! *laugh*

Happy Wednesday!

  • VioMarch 25, 2011 - 2:27 pm

    It looks GORGEOUS! if only I could attend! :o)

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