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Did you notice?

First of all, thank you all for your warm messages. I was back from Malaysia since Saturday and still recuperating from my exhaustion from the trip or I should say my 38-year-old body could not recover properly from a few days lack of sleep.

As you may not know, my dearly beloved granddad, aged 93 had passed on peacefully last week and I had to make an urgent trip home to be with my family, especially with my grandma and mom. The wake and funeral went smoothly and most of my extended family were home to send my granddad on his last journey.

We cried and laughed during these difficult period because we deeply missed him and will always miss him. But he has lived his life to the fullest for 93 years and we know he is now in a better place with the Lord. I know for sure that grandma will be the one who will miss him most as they have been together as husband and wife for nearly 70 years! Both of them had altogether 44 children, grand children and great grand children and both have showered us with loads of love over the years.

We love you granddad and you will be deeply missed!

And to my aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, it was so good to see each and every one of you again and I missed and love you all very much too! It was a rare occasion where almost all of us were back home together like the good old days when we were little kids!

Here are some of my aunts and cousins when we met again after months and years we last saw each other. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown and being one of the oldest amongst all cousins, they still call me “che” (big sister) even though some are married and into their twenties and thirties! And being the most petite one (my older sister ranked #1 ;p), I was being “bullied” and teased on my size and height as most of them towered over me! *laugh*

You guys wait ok? Wait til my dear son Ethan is all grown up, then I’ll show you who is the tallest and biggest of all! Hahahahaha!

Gosh, I missed them all already! They’re so much fun to be with and I can’t wait to see them again!

By the way, did you you notice anything different when you pop in here?

Yes!! I made a change to the outlook of my blog last night! Well, I needed something to perk me up and I kind of like the color of this design, soft pastel colors and refreshing. Do you agree? 😀

I’ll be busy creating projects in the next few weeks but I hope I’ll be able to pop in as often as I can.

Have a great week ahead!

  • JazzApril 13, 2011 - 10:59 pm

    Condolences on the recent demise of your beloved grandfather! He truly lived to a great age….93! Amazing!
    Bet you are all worn out now but feeling contented having met lots of family members..

    hugs xoxo

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