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Remember yesterday I posted the digital frame with yellow flower? That is one cool frame I found while browsing Tara Whitney‘s blog on a post about a giveaway from Digital Eye Candy Shop!

So I checked out the place and found this awesome Album Templates which I purchased at 35% off using the coupon code TARAROCKS. The code will expire this Saturday 16th. It was indeed a great deal and I LOVE all the templates in this digital package! 😀

Look what I did with one of the templates with some of our old vacation photos.

This album template I bought is actually called Project 365 Album Template but I plan to use it for blog posting and maybe print them out for my projects.

You can see that these frames are sketched and they come in different combination of shapes. A simple instruction under ‘using vol25 book templates in Photoshop‘ can be found on the website’s ‘How To Videos’ tab.

Don’t you just love their templates? 😀 There are a total of 15 gorgeous templates to play around with!

I hope you find this source useful. I love scouring for items like these and if I find more interesting stuff, I’ll share them here with you. 🙂

Sheesh, my throat has been itching and getting really dry for the whole day. Felt like I’m coming down with something. I’ve drank gazillion water hoping it’ll just go away. I DON”T WANT TO GET SICK!! 🙁

I better call it a night soon. I need to stay healthy for the weekend!


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