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Little Pumpkins

I love little babies and that some of my family members and close friends have been urging me to have another new addition to our small family, but every time I hear this I would go like “Sorry ya, I’m done at one and I’m happy with only Ethan” and I have to repeat this day in day out for months and years and I still stand firm on my decision. Not that I can’t have any more babies but I don’t want to. I want to devote my time for Ethan and I know it sounds selfish of depriving him of siblings to play with him and be there for him when we can’t be there for him any longer, we have factors to consider in regards to our family’s condition, for example our age and time needed to bring up another child. So, it’s not as easy as it seems but the hub and I agreed that we will spend our time loving Ethan and bring him up the best we can (we are definitely not spoiling him! I’m rather strict with him if you ask me :)).

So, for those of you who are new to my blog or haven’t been around too long, please read this dated back in Jan’09 to get an idea what Ethan was diagnosed with.

And for those of you who have been here long enough to follow through Ethan’s progress over the past couple of years, he’s doing well. In fact, he’s progressing much better than we expected. He’s been doing really great that he was given the green light last year to enter into the mainstream school with the rest of the kids his age. So, we’re just glad things turned out as we planned. These came with a lot of hard work and sacrifices we have to make in order for our only child to grow up like any other kids. We never ever treat him indifferently because there’s no need to. In fact, no one in my family and friends even notice that there’s anything wrong with Ethan. He’s just like any other kids who loves to play, read, sing and write, laugh and be merry. But of course only we can see that certain characteristics of his behavior is slightly different because we live, eat and sleep with him under one roof and we notice that.

Anyway, for some of my dear friends who have been extremely supportive, you have make a lot of difference in our lives in the past few years. I sincerely thank you and am grateful that you love Ethan like your own and never ever treat him indifferently. And you know how super duper friendly he is and how affectionate he is, we are ever so thankful for your understanding and support. 😀 Ethan is absolutely lucky to have you all and he’s going to grow up to be a fine young man in time to come.

So, here’s to my not-so-little pumpkin! *laugh* We absolutely love you like there’s no tomorrow. Your laughter and chattiness make all the difference to our day. Your great sense of humor make us roll on the floor and we’re so glad you’re what you are. You make us want to be a better parent and we’re learning so much from you each day. Without you, our lives will never be complete as it is now.

This image was captured with my lappie’s Photo Booth function, so it wasn’t sharp and clear but what the heck, I love it anyway! 😀

Oh, did I tell you that just the other day, he noticed for the first time that my helper’s arm were filled with hair and he exclaimed innocently “Aunty, you are turning into a monkey soon!!”. We were all ROFL when we saw his expression, all serious and worried.

And have you seen him actually dance??!! Seriously, you need to see him dance! It’s exactly like Mr. Bean!! *laugh* We love it anyway. 😉

There were many more of his classic humor that got us ROFL which we can even compile into a book! LOL! These are the instances that makes him special and we’re thankful he’s a great boy! 😀

Anyway, I think that would be enough of Ethan for one day.

My dear friend and bestie, Ally, flew home from Perth on late Sunday night and I took the day off yesterday just to see her and spent time with her and her little pumpkin, Tyler. And my other bestie Jan happened to be back in town from China too, so we all spent a great day having lunch and catching up with each other in the hotel where Ally is staying. Seriously, I missed them both so much that I would tear sometimes just thinking about them because they are now miles away from Singapore and I wish they will be back here for good soon. (you know I’m praying so damn hard everyday that the Lord must be thinking I’m going crazy soon for begging him incessantly! lol!)

And my…………..Ally’s little pumpkin is the most adorable and handsomest baby I’ve seen in my entire life (well, the other one was my own Ethan when was a baby! *laugh*). I played so much with Tyler and got him laughing and giggling, he was knocked out cold the whole night according to Ally. And I got so beaten up myself I whined to the hub that I have to admit age is really catching up with me and my stamina is completed depleted! I used to have endless source of energy and right now, I can’t even last an hour of rigorous playing with babies!! Well, what do I expect, I was full of energy when I was 18 and that was like………… 20 years ago Leena! Wake up your idea! lol!

Did I tell you how much I love this little pumpkin too? 😀

And thanks to adorable Tyler, I got “splattered” everywhere with his saliva when I carried and played with him for a good few hours! The hub said baby saliva is good for the skin! Yeah right! *LAUGH*

Don’t you just love the smell of babies especially their heads? Ooooooo…………. I love it so much that when Ethan was a babe, he smelt sooooooooo nice and fresh and it stays for a while for many years. Even til now, I’m always sniffing his head and he still has the baby smell in him!! lol!

Ok, I think I’m done for now. I might pop in to answer another couple of questions from my readers tonight. I don’t know if I’m up to it but I’ll try.

Don’t forget to leave your comments for my giveaway in my previous post if you have not. To those of you who did, thanks so much for “liking” Scraplicious!! We sincerely appreciate your full support! 🙂

Have a great evening!

  • AdelineApril 6, 2011 - 8:11 am

    Happy for you and Ethan! Absolutely understand the part about loving babies but not desiring to have more, given the number of newborn shoots I have been doing…Hugs n love to ethan n u from adah n me!

  • IreneApril 6, 2011 - 2:31 pm

    Glad to hear that Ethan is going to mainstream. So happy for you. It’s definately not easy with a special needs kid cos one of my close friend’s child is also with ASD and is now still waiting for a chance to get into Pathlight and uncertainty of whether he has a chance to go into mainstream or not.
    Keep it up gal!

  • Nadhrah MaidinApril 9, 2011 - 9:41 pm

    hi leena, i read your blog once a while and i act met with you in your class back here in scrappingville. I can totally understand your stand and wouldn’t even call it selfish. I hope ethan will keep doing well and wishing u all the best!

  • Chok KeunApril 11, 2011 - 4:24 pm

    Happy for ya, that Ethan is going to the mainstream. It definitely takes a lot effort to groom and cultivate him. Keep it up!

  • JazzApril 13, 2011 - 10:51 pm

    Hi Leena!
    So happy to hear that Ethan’s making such positive developments! He is and has always been a special boy.
    Take care now, dear


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