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Counting down

Let’s just say there are 2 things I’m counting down to.

First, 3 more days before I’m officially jobless and leaving my current company. I’m looking forward to the 3 weeks break but not so looking forward to leaving my co-workers. I’m feeling kind of sad that after 3 years of friendship we’ve build together, I had to leave these wonderful people behind. They’re the reason why I’m looking forward to go to work (not only because of the job) and having great lunches with them. They’re a bunch of people who listen to you and who could make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow. I hope we’ll still be able to keep in touch after my departure and to continue our friendship in the many years to come.

And next to counting down will be my family vacation to Hong Kong in early June!! Oh yes!! It’s been ages since I last stepped into Hong Kong, maybe more than 10 years ago after I left my job in the airline??!! Since Ethan is now a ‘big’ boy, it’s high time we bring him to his first Disney experience ( Spore Universal Studio doesn’t count!), closest to Singapore. Well, he’s been talking about it day and night and we’re very sure he’ll enjoy himself on this trip. We’re also looking forward to it because we’ll be eating to our hearts’ content!! *laugh* Oh how I’ve missed the food in Hong Kong and it couldn’t be a better place for me to eat until I drop! lol! And the shopping too! It’s going to be heaven!

I think I seriously can’t wait for another 10 more days until we board the plane! Aaaaarrrggghhhhh!! ;p

Ok ok, I better stop thinking too much about all of these and share with you my over due Hambly layouts for April (yes, this is super duper waaaaaaayyyy over due images!!).

These pages were simply created with so many of the Hambly’s yummy goodies and I cannot express how much I love their products!

Hope you’ve had a great week so far.

Life is short, so don’t make it more complicated than it already is. I made a choice to live simply and make it better and more pleasant everyday. And I chose to love people who love me back the same as I do and love those who respect and honor me as who I am. And it is also healthier to be ignorant of the negativity that surrounds you and absorb the positivity as much as you can! So, I definitely have a few more years to live than those who always complicate their lives *laugh*.

Now you know my secret recipe to staying happy and always looking young (for my age) 😀


  • AprilMay 25, 2011 - 4:05 pm

    So much creativity here!
    Have a wonderful HK trip!

  • SheilaMay 25, 2011 - 10:05 pm

    Really kind of feeling depressed … Y time juz flies so fast. Only when we r closer everyone seems to leave one after another. Like wat u mentioned… Is e people that motivate me to look forward to go to work. Now jokers and fun chaps all kind of slowly disappear from our sight everyday. Left not much fun people le… But we all still miss u badly. Do drop by for US!!!!! Best wishes.. Enjoy your holiday! Love u *muack *

  • Geraldine AngMay 26, 2011 - 11:00 am

    All the best!!! and enjoy your holiday well 🙂

    Oh, btw, the sewing on the thickers! Ouch.. the sewing machine can take it? I dont dare to try mine… 🙁

  • Sue ClarkeMay 27, 2011 - 10:18 am

    wonderful words to live by!
    i like your LO’s, especially Creating Art.
    happy trails to you on your upcoming trip.

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