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hello and farewell

I’m finally back from my family vacation to Hong Kong!! In fact, we were back 3 days ago but I was just too tired to do anything else except to get loads of rest. We had a GREAT time in Hong Kong despite the sweltering weather!! Seriously, if you’re considering going to Hong Kong, don’t ever visit the place during this time of the year! We got fried and tanned from the 4 days trip and because of the heat, we got exhausted easily. Nevertheless, we did loads of eating, shopping, visiting Disneyland and Ocean Park! Ethan was really good a sport and tagging along to all the places we went and our poor boy got knocked out every night at 9pm being tired from days of walking! *laugh*

We took loads of photos, not as many as I would love too because of the heat but a good numbers for us to remember a lifetime! 😀 And because I’m too lazy to sort out all the photos we took, I’ll just indulge you with some snapshots and highlights of our trip. They’re straight out of camera, no editing done, except for photo collage. Just too lazy for any editing! lol!

These are photos taken on Day 2 to Disneyland.

Some snapshots from our Day 3 trip to the Ocean Park! 🙂

Bits and pieces of highlights on our 4 days in Hong Kong on food, restaurants and shopping streets! Love!! 😉

I took a couple of street shots with my Pen E-PL2!

We really do missed Hong Kong when we got home and we wished our vacation doesn’t have to end so soon. We hope we’ll be able to go back to Hong Kong again in future. It’s certainly a good place to visit. Surprisingly, the people seemed much nicer than it was 10 years ago (our last trip). A lot of changes in Hong Kong and the experience was much more pleasant. Definitely a must-go place on the list. 🙂

On the shopping front, I’ve got myself some pretty good buys!! Yay! I lugged home some really cool clothes, shoes, bags, a table top shelve with many drawers (will show it to you on my next post!) and 2 absolutely COOL Lomography cameras!! 😀 I think I’m more thrilled that I got the Lomo cameras and shelves than the clothes! *laugh* You know me, I’m a full fledge die-hard camera fan!! Digital, film or polaroid, I love them all!! 😀 And right now, my hand-me-down dry box from the hub is fully loaded with all my camera collections and equipment and it looks like it’s going to “explode” soon!! Hahahahahaha…………..

So, here are my 2 new babies! Welcome to the family!

This is my new Sprocket Rocket White Edition from Lomography! Me loveeeeeeeee it soooooo much!! 😉

And if you’re wondering why I got this cheap-looking white plastic toy camera, these are the COOL effects produced by this awesome camera!

Told ya, it’s TOTALLY cool, right?? Right!! 😀

And here’s my 2nd Lomo camera, a Fisheye No 2 “I Love You/I Love Lomo” Edition!

My days couldn’t have been better and now with these 2 new additions to my ever growing camera collections, my days & life are seriously MUCH better!!

Here’s what the Fisheye can produce. Just awesome! 😀

I can’t wait to get started on these new toys of mine! I’m excited to start snapping photos on films again. My last was more 10 years ago!! Yikes! Hope I didn’t lose my magic touch! 😉

Anyway, I hope you’re not choked with so many photos I’ve shared on this post. I promise there’s no more, for now.

Before I sign off, I’d like to say farewell to PRIMA and THANK YOU soooooooo much for a wonderful year you’ve given me!! I’ve never experienced such a wonderful team work in all my DT work for the past few years. It’s truly an honor to work with all the amazingly talented Prima girls and special thanks to Sharon Laakkonen, the BEST DT coordinator I’ve ever worked with! She’s an amazing lady with loads of patience, kindness and a great heart! I’ve truly enjoyed being one of the flower girls and such opportunity is priceless. 😀

And a BIG congratulations to the new team!! They’re filled with so many wonderful and talented ladies from all over the world! I can’t wait to see what they’ll come with soon! 🙂 Special congrats to a fellow friend from Singapore who got into the new team, it’s none other than Emeline Seet!! You’ll rock Prima! 😀

Ok, I gotta go. Need to tend to my poor sick boy. He needs lots of love to get well soon!



  • aniaJune 12, 2011 - 8:42 pm

    Disneyland looks cool, and I wish I’d get to go visit Asia sometime! And dang, such cool images, are they processed like that, w/multiple images in one “area”, or do you process the film yourself and can decide how to place the images? I have yet to do a film purchase, I’ve been wanting to but am scared of the price of film+processing!! :/

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