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Celebrate Friendship

Have I ever told you that I’m blessed with amazing friends whom I’ve known for years and even though we don’t see much of each other and we’re miles apart away, we’re still very good friends? 😀

Yes, I am very thankful being blessed by the Lord for gifting me everlasting friendships like this! When at times I wonder to myself, what did I do to deserve this? Well, only God and my dear friends know. 😉

And so, Jan has finally returned home for good after a year long job posting in China and I’m thrilled beyond words!! I’ve missed her soooooo much and now she’s back, I get to see her more often than not! Yipeeeeeee!!

On the other hand, another dear friend, Veron has returned for a short visit and Jan and I get to meet her before she left for Australia again. Yes, we met up for a wonderful lunch at a really nice place called Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road. It’s very cosy and the food were absolutely delicious! Isn’t it great to be able to meet my dear old friends again and at the same time, had a sumptuous meal? *laugh*

And of course, I took lots of memorable photos of us! I wouldn’t miss it for anything else. 😀

I kept my words which I’ve mentioned days ago about being more diligent in photographing my every day life and I’m doing just that.

So here are the images, SOOC (straight out of camera) from my Olympus Pen E-PL2 and no editing done. I prefer to leave them as they are.

This is Wild Honey, the place I mentioned earlier. It’s a cozy place, with lots of warm light. Hence, most of my photos are in warm tone. 😉

On the background is the counter where we placed our orders and made payment. It’s a self-order service cafe but our food were being served to us by the staff. Service level is acceptable. Not fantastic but it was ok. 😉

Gifts from Jan, Ally and me to the Birthday girl, Veron!

While waiting for Veron to arrive, Jan and I decided to play around with my cam and make a fool of ourselves! *laugh*

Isn’t Jan the prettiest and the sweetest girl? 😉 I’m soooooo glad she’s finally back for good!

So, here’s to us and everlasting friendship! Thanks girls for always being there for me! You girls are awesome people!

Happy sweet 18th Birthday girl!! lol! Missing you loads already! 😀

And here’s a photo I took with my iPhone while we were shopping around after lunch!

Love you girls tons!!

I’m so happy I took photos of us and I’m planning to put up a collage soon!

Happy Sunday! 😀

  • geneviveAugust 15, 2011 - 11:00 am

    lucky you! 🙂 makes me miss my friends back home…

  • CK ChaiAugust 19, 2011 - 3:48 pm

    Wow, looks like u gals have a great day out!

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