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I *Heart* Instagram

I’m sure most of you love it, right?

I’ve been absolutely crazy about Instagram the moment I discovered this iPhone app and almost every other day I would be playing with it! Talk about love, this is definitely one of my true love! *laugh*

As I was driving home from work along the ECP highway yesterday, I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of the beautiful clear blue sky after it rained earlier during the day. And I did this while I was driving, one hand holding on to my iPhone trying to snap a shot and the other holding tight to the steering wheel! Talk about multi-tasking! *laugh*

*Warning* Do not ever try this if you cannot drive with one hand and multi-task with the other with your attention taken away off the road in front of you!! It is very DANGEROUS and against the law for being reckless! This stint requires very experienced and gung-ho driver, like me (hahahahaha…………) to be able to complete this *task*

Anyhoo…………I took the photo, uploaded it to Instagram and played with all of the 15 effects.

This is the original photo SOOC (straight out of camera) from my iPhone 4

And here are all the 15 effects the Instagram produced.

So, which are my favorites?

Gosh, it is so hard to choose just one or two of my favorites, I practically love all the effects!

But if I have to decide, my top 3 would be…………. X-ProII, Toaster and Gotham! 😀

So, what’s yours?

Do you Instagram as well? If you do, please feel free to share them with me, of which you could either post a link of your photos to the comment box or add me to your Instagram friend’s list. My username is “findingnana”.

If you don’t have this app in your iPhone, you MUST download it! It’s FREE!! 😀

Have fun with Instagram!

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