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11 Years On

I’m so thankful that we met 15 years ago and we gave ourselves a few years to get to know each other better before we commit ourselves to each other for life.

I’m so thankful that we decided to get married thereafter.

I’m so thankful we walked down the aisle hand in hand and become one.

I’m so thankful I found my lifetime best friend.

I’m so thankful you are always there for me and I wouldn’t have pull through the lowest point of my life if it weren’t for you.

I’m so thankful we went through the bumpy and stormy road together.

I’m so thankful you forgave me for all the mistakes that I made over the years.

I’m so thankful you’re the father to my beautiful son.

I’m so thankful we have our arguments, big or small, in our every day life.

I’m so thankful our arguments make us stronger than ever.

I’m so thankful you always laugh along at my silly jokes and put up with my antics.

I’m so thankful you make me grow up.

I’m so thankful you make me want to be a better person, a mother, a daughter and a friend.

I’m so thankful we walk through each day and make the best out of it.

I’m so thankful we hang onto each other when the days were gloomy and when days were bright and sunny.

I’m so thankful we are happy living a simple life each day with a roof over our head, food on the table and clothes to wear.

I’m so thankful God sent you to me, to be a savior of my life and to be the pillar of strength to me.

I’m so thankful on this very day, we’re celebrating our 11th year anniversary as one.

Happy 11th Anniversary to my best friend and my soulmate. I’m looking forward to celebrate many more wonderful years ahead of us, laughing and crying together, being there for each other through the years. Love you with all my heart! 🙂

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