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Leme Camera

Also previously known as LomoLomo, which was later change to LemeLeme and finally………………it’s been renamed to Leme Camera.

After so many changes on it’s name, I still love this camera apps which is available on iTune. It used to cost $0.99 (which i first discovered it) and now you can download it for free! (darn).

And so 2 days ago, I played with the apps again after haven’t done so for a long time (yes, I was crazy about Instagram the past many months).

I have to say I went overboard! *laugh*

With a single photo, I created 12 different lomo effects from the lens available in the apps, with of course my favorite film strip border! Yipeeeee!!

Here’s how they look like.

This is what I do to unwind my day, after a long day at work, which is mentally and physically exhausting having to drive from the east to the west of the island.

I felt happy and at ease playing with my camera apps on my iPhone, it’s a great therapy.

I would continue to Instagram and Leme for as long as I’m happy.

You should try and download this apps too.

Anyway, I’ll be back again to tell you the story behind this photo taken last week with my long lost friends. 😉

I’m off to bed now. I can hardly keep my eyes open for another minute.

It’s Friday again tomorrow! YAY!! 😀

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