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Artist In The Making

This would be the least expected thing to happen to my flesh and blood or maybe I simply refused to acknowledge that he somewhat inherited his dad’s talent for art.

Yes, I’m talking about my dearest son Ethan. 🙂

I’m definitely one person who is absolutely hopeless in art, I mean in the context of drawing. I could barely draw a human figure without decapitating all parts of the body. This definitely runs in my family. My folks and other of my family members do not possess any kind of artistic talent for generations and I thought my hope for my dear son to be one, was lost.

Ever since he was born 7 years ago, I have not really seen Ethan drawn a decent art but he definitely inherited some form of my talent in putting things together. He loves creating scrapbook projects just like me and at any one time, he can sit in for hours to create with me. That’s something I’m proud of because he takes after me. But that was all.

And 3 years ago when he was diagnosed with austism, the psychologist gave me some hope. She said autistic kids can be talented in some form of art, be it musically inclined, art, mental calculations etc. So my hope was raised and I was praying very hard to the Lord, please give my son any kind of talent so his life would be enhanced by other form of skill.

I waited and waited and waited………… and finally the day came when he produced these.

These were drawn by Ethan, all by himself without asking for help and they’re now pasted across his bedroom door. He call it his “Art Door”. I’m soooooooo proud of him that he was able to draw them to his heart’s content. I’m happy he’s enjoying it and making the best out of it. I’ve never seen him so focused and serious about his drawing and this is definitely a big improvement. He has very short attention span and he couldn’t complete his work properly without being fidgety all the time.

They’re not Picasso’s work of art but to me they’re priceless. They’re more valuable than any piece of famous art in this world.

I can see some form of creativity being born in him and I know immediately where he inherited this from. I think Ethan developed his passion for drawing at a very late stage but like the saying goes “It’s better late than never”. 🙂

I’m happy that he has inherited a small part of the hub’s talent for art. I’m happy Ethan is much better than I am at drawing. And I’m happy he’s enjoying drawing much more than ever.

Look what my dear hub, the father to my dearest son, created.

In my humble opinion (not because he’s my husband), this is an amazing drawing of a dragon, though it’s a bit fat on the belly just like our Ms Piggie (our dog). *laugh*

The hub can draw almost anything free-hand without looking at any images as a guide. He can draw almost anything that comes into mind. He’s a really talented man (I discovered that when I met him) but I’ve never sing praises of him. I admire him for his drawing talent and this is something I want my son to inherit from him (my genes are definitely a no no in art). I’m glad Ethan did, even it’s just a tiny bit. I believe we can develop this passion in him by encouraging him to express himself freely on the drawing board and enrol him in art classes.

It’s amazing sometimes life can be simple and yet we are unable to see things without complicating it.

This is something I need to be aware of so that Ethan is able to develop his liking and passion for things he loves doing. I need to be supportive so he can make his journey in life to be more enjoyable, pleasurable and memorable.

Oh how I love to discover things that I least expected especially within my family. It’s fulfilling knowing someone you love so deeply is making the best out of their lives.

How I love Friday! And I’m soooooooo looking forward to the long weekend break!

I hope you’re have exciting activities filling up your weekend.


  • Tan yin wenNovember 5, 2011 - 9:56 am

    LOve ethan’s art work, such nice colour combination!!! He is just as talented as you leena!!

  • Joanna LeeNovember 5, 2011 - 10:00 pm

    hi Leena,
    Your hubby is so talented! I can’t draw for nuts like you but am glad that Ethan inheriting some genes from his dad!

    Take care, as always!

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