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I Can’t Wait

Ever since I received my Becky Higgins binder and page protectors from my sister (she brought them back from the US) and my pre-ordered Clementine kit with Scraplicious, I’ve been waaaaaaayyyyy too eager to get started on my 2012 Project Life. *laugh*

Yes, I’ve been acting like a little kid waiting anxiously to play with her new toy! 🙂

So, while waiting for my kit to arrive, I’ve also been making a little prep every now and then, you know, just to keep me from going insane thinking about my PL kit arrival. And I made this little notebook for me to record my journaling and thoughts for my Project Life.

I got these lovely fabric stickers from online store. Love!

And used some for the notebook cover! 🙂

Oh oh……… did I tell you both my Lomo LC+A and Fuji Instax Polaroid 50S have arrived yesterday? Yipeeeeeee!! Both are also going to be actively involved in my Project Life (I did not buy these cameras specifically just for the PL but the deal for these 2 camera came just at the right time)

Here’s my new Instax baby! Film is all loaded and can’t wait to shoot!

I tested it out on my teammates and it look great! 🙂

Ok, that’s all for this mid-week update.

Life is a little mundane this week so I need a little booster to keep me going. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

  • JuannaNovember 5, 2011 - 2:19 pm

    where did you buy those fabric stickers, so so pretty!

  • FindingnanaNovember 5, 2011 - 4:31 pm

    Hi Juanna,
    I bought them in GMarket. 🙂

  • fionaNovember 8, 2011 - 9:38 am

    thanks for sharing all these photos which were fun to look at. like u, i can’t wait to lay my hand on the pre-ordered PL. and such coincident that I have also opted for clementine which is my fav color combi 🙂
    hope u will share your PL when 2012 comes 🙂
    have a great week ahead!

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