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Instagram ~ Week 46 Update

I haven’t gone missing, if that’s what you think.

I’ve been hanging around and was busy in the last week.

And every time I pop in here meaning to update my blog, I got “turned” off from doing so because I have no mojo to blog! *laugh* I thought I only need mojo to scrapbook but I didn’t even realised that I need mojo to blog as well. Such a lame excuse.

Anyway, I was particularly busy last weekend celebrating my bestie, Jan’s birthday and another bestie, Ally’s little pumpkin Tyler’s one year old birthday. Both days were filled with lots of good food & great company, loads of laughing & love with my best friends and my family too. I’ve missed them so much & I was extremely thankful that I was able to spend some precious time with both Jan & Ally. And I seriously wish my dear friend Ally doesn’t have to return home so soon. I’m not sure when I’ll be seeing her again the next time but I sure do hope it won’t be too long. Lucky thing Jan is back in Singapore for good, that’s a huge relief. 😀

Here’s my Birthday wishes to dear Jan and Tyler again, Happy Birthday and I hope you had a blast on your special day! Love you tons!

The photo collages were created using PicFrame, an iPhone apps which cost only $0.99 at iTunes. It is really cool and comes in many different collage templates.

So, I’ve got tons of images to share from my Instagram.

I think I went way overboard playing too much with Instagram! *laugh*

But I seriously do LOVE Instagram. Who doesn’t anyway? 🙂

I dug out some of my old photos from my hard drive and treated them with Instagram and I simply love how they turned out!

Here are some that I’ve collated. Love! 🙂

Above image collage was created with Picasa3 🙂

Oh, guess what?

I did a major cleaning on my camera dry box……….after 10 years! *laugh*

I know I know, I am finally getting my act together after 10 years long years to give my poorly neglected dry box a good cleaning and organization. ;p

Here’s the “before” the clean up. It was a bit of a mess because I’ve been trying very hard to squeeze all my cameras, lenses & accessories into the upper tier of the dry box.

And here’s the “after” cleaning and re-organizing. It’s definitely much neater and pleasing to my eyes. 😀

The 1st tier where I kept all my cameras, lenses & accessories.

I’m so happy I cleaned up that poor box of mine. I thing it can breathe better now.

And while I was cleaning up the box, I was appalled by the number of cameras I actually owned! It was a sight I could still remember & every time I look at the photo, I would wince in “pain”! *laugh*

This is what I actually acquire over the years and there are actually 3 more lomo cameras that I did not include in this shot (they’re still in their respective boxes! yikes!). Quite a BIG pinch on my pocket but I seriously don’t care. I worked hard for years and I think these are worth investing, instead spending on expensive clothes, shoes, bags, beauty products etc. Every penny is well spent! 😀

Ok, here are a few more images I took last week of my scrap corner, which has been absolutely neglected by me! It still looks clean and neat because I rarely step into the room past couple of months! ;p

And I finally scrapped a layout on Saturday after a couple of months hiatus! Can you believe it? I definitely can’t! 😀

Lastly, here are a couple of shots of me traveling to work on the train.

At some point of my journey to work last week, I experienced some comfortable personal space within an arm’s length, no skin-to-skin over-crowding train ride. Super love! It makes my traveling less dreadful & I actually don’t mind riding the train to work even though it takes me more than an hour to travel from the North East to the West of the island (my 6 years old ride is on the sale market now. Hoping a buyer will snap it up soon!)

And then on my way back home, it got a little crowded but it was still within a comfortable zone. The only thing that I can’t bear was the stench of sweat and body odor from the crowd. Sometimes it can get really bad I will feel dizzy when I get home. Well, some people just have bad body odor especially after a long day at work, which I can’t complain too much since I’m traveling on the public transport. All I can do is hold on to my breath for slightly over an hour. 😉

Ok, I’m done for week 46 update with my Instagram images!

I hope you do not freak out by this long post. Thank you for stopping by my blog again!

As always, I’ll be back soon if there are any happenings in my life. *grin*

Happy Tuesday!

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