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Instagram ~ Week 48 Update

Can you believe December is already here?!! Time really flies very quickly.

Anyway, I’m popping in for a quick update on my weekly Instagram posting. I haven’t had much chance to photograph anything last week since it was raining almost every day but I did manage to capture some stuff over the weekend.

Here they are.

I got so bored staying couped up at home over the weekend (because of the rain!) so I brought out some of my cabachon flowers to play. And just looking at them brightened up my day! Love the colors so much! 😀 They’re all so sweet and pretty looking, aren’t they?

Remember I got my Lomo LC+A camera a couple of weeks ago? Well, I finally managed to make time to take it out from the box to load up the film. Yeah, I was all excited when I received it but I seriously couldn’t find the chance to play with it until now. ;p Well, late is better than never. *laugh* I’m kind of looking forward to finishing up the roll of film and have it developed. It’s been years since I last used film camera and I’m anxious to see if they images will turn up well. The sample images from the manual that comes with the camera look awesome so I’m crossing my fingers! 😀

 As I posted last month, I made a mini book for some of my Instagram photos which was published in {entrARTistes} Magazine. I’m thinking of started another part 2 or something along the line.

My family and I made our way to Chinatown yesterday when the sky cleared for half a day and I managed to snap a couple of images of the pre-war shophouses. I missed these kind of buildings as they reminded me of my hometown where I was born where the streets are lined up with these pre-war shophouses. They were definitely a nice place to live in.  

And before we headed home, we popped by the mall to get some cupcakes and muffins! My favorites! 🙂

Ok, that will be all for week 48.

Oh, are you also an active Instagramer? If yes you would probably wanna share your images with us too. Leave your Instagram user ID on your comment so we can pop in to browse your gallery. We would love to see your collection of images taken with Instagram. 😀

Have a great week ahead!

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