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Instagram ~ Week 50 Update

If I’m typing this post now, this means my bones are not broken yet (from house cleaning) *laugh*

I’m so glad to be back here for a quick Instagram update. Past few days have been absolutely crazy! I’ve been on my hands and knees cleaning up my place over the weekend. I could barely breathe because my stamina has definitely deteriorate over the years. Let’s just say my family and I have been spoilt rotten by my helper when she’s around. Geez, this also shows that I need to work out my stamina again. But I’m happy that I get to do something useful for a change. I actually felt good after 2 full days of work out. No aching muscles that’s for sure. 😉

Anyway, here are my Instagram images for week 50. I captured lesser than I always do because my time was limited the past week. I’m hoping to catch up a little this week or next before the year ends.

A couple of images I took on my way to work.

This one reflects the shadows during one of my wait at the traffic junction. The early morning sun was glaring down at me and I will usually take cover behind someone taller & bigger than me so I’ll be shadowed by them. 😀

And here’s one with the sun shining down at me right above the MRT track while I was walking towards my work place. I always love the glare effect when I pointed the phone directly towards the sun.

I haven’t gotten fresh flowers for the house for a long time (since I put up car for sale), so when I picked up my old junk (yes, I decided to take it back since no one is buying after 1.5months at the dealership!) I went to the nursery to pick these up for my home. Love them!


While I was cleaning my place over the weekend, including re-organizing my scrap room, I took out a few stamps to play and also went through some old craft books I got from Japan a couple of years ago. You know, just to get some inspiration. I’ve been mojo-less for the longest time and I desperately need something to work up that mojo, really soon. I guess I was too tired to do anything else lately, so I’ll wait until my regular schedule falls back into place again once the new year starts.

Oh oh……..I’ve got some cutie stuff to cheer me up. I have recently re-discovered this little cat, which was gifted to me by my ex-colleague and whenever I look at it, it always make me smile. It’s now sitting prettily on my work desk.

When I laid my eyes on these, I really really want them for Christmas!! They’re sooooooo adorable, aren’t they??!! (and they’re darn expensive too!!)

Darlinggggggggggg……………….are you reading this? 😀

Ok, that’s all for week 50 and here’s a collage for the week. I really love PhotoShake. Have you download the apps? You really should. 😉

Before I log off, I really need to share this!!! I usually don’t do a shout out because I like to keep things a little low key here but this one REALLY is worth while for me to give a BIG shout out!!

The Project Life founder, Becky Higgins mentioned me and my blog in her FB page!! How awesome is that??!! I was thrilled beyond words when my dear friend Cheryl ticked me off the about the posting (I wasn’t aware of it until she told me! Thanks love!!).

THANK YOU sooooooo much Becky for this honorable mention!! You make my day! 😀

So, my week 50 ended pretty well even though it was a little tough coping without Sofia. But she deserved a vacation to be with her family this holiday season. 🙂

Well, my family and I are looking forward to our short getaway to Sentosa Island on Wednesday! We’ll be back on Christmas eve.

In case I’m not back here by Christmas, here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!! Have a great time filled with lots of love and laughter with your love ones!!

Once again, thank you so much for dropping by my blog! 😀

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