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Instagram Update ~ Week 3 | Twenty 12

It’s been awfully quiet in my Instagram apps posting last week because I was too busy eating and shopping for Chinese New Year!! *laugh*

A lot has been going on at home the past few days. Lots of celebration, eating and laughter but on the other hand, a family crisis has also taken place, which made us cry, feeling disappointed, upset, at lost and we’re wondering why this has to happen at this point of time when we’re celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Don’t worry, no one passed on, that will be the last thing to happen at times like this. And it is also not happening within my very own family but someone closely related to me. I think it’s best I leave it private so as to leave some dignity to the person that created all the chaos and hoohah. God bless her soul for causing our family so much heartache and disappointment! She needs 2 lifetime to redeem her wrongdoings.

So, today is going to be a quick overview of what was happening last week in my Instagram. I’m sorry I’m not in my usual cheery self to elaborate too much in this post but I hope I’ll be back on my feet again soon!

On the side track, I am waaaaaaayyyyyyyy behind my Project Life update on week 2 & 3!! I’m trying my best to share them latest by this weekend.

Ok, back to my Instagram images.

My colleagues and I visited an ice cream parlour called “The Daily Scoop” after our company’s Chinese New Year gathering last Tuesday and I had this delicious cold ice cream to quench my thirst on a hot sunny day.

I can never get enough of cabochon flowers and buttons!!

Can you blame me? *laugh*

More miscellaneous images on my felt giveaway, my love for roses and more printing of Instagram images!!

Here was Ethan getting his haircut just before Chinese New Year. He was looking very serious and when I told him to look at me when I took this shot, he said “Mommy, I have to look straight into the mirror. I can’t move my head or my hair will be crooked!”. *laugh*

My cousins Sherlyn and Eelyn joined our family for a reunion dinner and they brought with them some yummy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!! Very rich, tasty and sinful to the waistline but what the heck! It’s new year treat!! 😉

And one last image for week 3 would be my planned outfit for Chinese New Year, which I wore it on the first day of the celebration. It’s a simple traditional outfit called “cheongsam”. I’m a big fan of this kind of dress and I foresee myself wearing “cheongsam” all the time after I reach my 50s or 60s. 😀

That’s all for week 3 and I’m hoping to be back in full swing after the new year mood wears off.  

I know most of you in Singapore or Malaysia are either still on leave or you will only start work early next week, just enjoy your off days as much as you can!!

Signing off from my office work table! *laugh* (it’s deserted in the office so I stole some time to pop in here) ;p

  • purinneJanuary 25, 2012 - 10:15 pm

    hihi leena 🙂 happy lunar new yr to you and your family 🙂 …

  • HeikeJanuary 27, 2012 - 2:01 am

    Dear Leena, I’m feeling sorry for you and your family…
    Am I selfish if I said that I can’t wait to see your project life update?!

  • FindingnanaJanuary 27, 2012 - 10:57 am

    You’re definitely not Heike. And thank you so much for your kind thoughts. 🙂 I can’t wait to share my Week 2 & 3 update soon!

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