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My hopes, wishes and plans for 2012

I’ve stopped making new year resolutions years ago because I’ve never really make any effort to make it happen.

I still have a “list” of hopes, wishes and plans mapped out in my mind the past few years but I never follow through them. To me, if they turned out the way I wanted them to be, then it’s good. If not, so be it. I wouldn’t cry or be disappointed if things don’t happen the way they should be. And I always believe things happened for a reason and life is meant to be what it is. If life is perfect, no one will be making a whole long list of their hopes, wishes and plans every year, right? 🙂 

This year, I’m making extra effort to write down my hopes, wishes and plans, just to remind myself that I need some direction to move forward. This list is pretty simple and anyone can make it happen. But it’s a list of things I’m trying my best to make it happen, for myself.

Here are my are top 10 items on my 2012 list.

1. Staying healthy is one of my top priorities in my list this year. For many years I’ve had inconsistent lifestyle with regards to my eating and sleeping habits. At times, I will eat food only to my liking and they may not be the healthiest food on earth but at times, I only stick to home-cooked meals. But I believe there must always be a balance in life, so as long as I don’t go overboard on certain diet, then I’ll be fine. And going on to my slepping habit. I need to start making changes to my sleeping patterns. No more late nights and staying up after midnight on weekdays. I’m a full-time working mother so I definitely need the eneergy to keep up the whole day activities at work and at home. I’m not 18 any more, deprivation of sleep does make a difference to my health.

2. Exercise. Wow, this is a BIG word to me! Hahahahaha…………… You know, long long time ago (here I go again) when I was in my teens, I was an athlete, a gymnast, a good swimmer, an absolutely outdoor person, you will never see me at home most days because I was so tied up with my sports that they’re all that matters to me. Guess what happened? The moment I was out of school and I went to college, eveything just stopped! I just don’t know why. Every now and then I will still go for a swim but I can count with both hands the number of times I swim in a year. Definitely not good enough. As the years progressed and I grow older, I realized I get tired easily and I wished I have the energy to do all the things I wanted to do. So, after much nagging from my mom (from someone who doesn’t even go under the sun!! lol), I decided exercise would be one of my plans for this year. What kind of exercise I would go into, I am still thinking. No running for me because I’m suffering from the consequences of years of being an athlete in school, it has taken a toll on my knee caps. I don’t want to be carrying a walking stick even before I hit 50. As long as it’s something cheap or free altogether to keep me healthy, I’m in for it. 🙂 I may opt for brisk walking to start off with, you know just to get back my momentum and stamina. I’m lucky that I’m petite (just slightly underweight) so I don’t foresee any problem in starting off with a simple brisk walk.

3. Family time is no doubt my top priority in my list. But this year, I need to set aside more time for my family. This would mean I would have to cut down my other activities and spend that extra time with my family. Let’s face it, with both the hub and me working Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm, we hardly have enough time spent together as a family. The hub works on Sat and that only left Sunday or public holidays for all 3 of us to come together and spend quality time. We keep reminding ourselves that Ethan is growing up fast & furious, we know one day he will have his own life and friends to hang out with, so we want to make the best of every day in the coming years.

4. Me time is absolutely important. My life does not revolve only my family and friends. At times, I need to have some quality “me time”. Just me and myself, doing things I love to do, such as my crafting or photography, reading, shopping on my own etc. Having said that, “me time” is also about me spending time alone with my hub, or Ethan or my own friends. Times like this will definitely strengthen our relationships and for us to open up to each other. I feel that having my own time will re-energize my body, heart and soul. Having time on my own will give me time to ponder how lucky I am to be surrounded by my beautiful family and friends. I think I will appreciate the people around me better and be thankful for their presence in my life.

5. I need to go on night dates with the hub more often. We do go on dates just the 2 of us but it’s irregular. So, for this year, we’ll try to set a day of the week to go out to watch movies, dine at our favorite restaurants and explore new places or just hang out at the cafes. It’s always nice to set aside time for us to catch up our daily life.

6. I want to make an extra effort to strengthen my bond with my hub, my son, my other family members and my friends too. What I’m referring to is to find time to bond with each other through activities that my hub, son, family and friends love doing. For example, I know Ethan loves to draw and play around with paints, making stuff with my craft materials. I think it would be lovely that both of us can do these activities that he and I love, together. I think I need to learn to play Angry Bird, which my hub and son love to play!! *laugh*

7. I am starting Project Life for the first time in 2012, and I’m really looking forward to it as the weeks progress to months. This is something that I’m doing for myself and I hope it will be something worth remembering as time goes. I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole preparation process but as I learned from the other Project Lifers experiences, I need to remember to simplify the whole process so I can enjoy recording my every day moment. Wish me luck! 😉

8. Well, I love to read and for many years I spend a whole lot of time reading my favorite novels, be it fictions or non-fictions. I have a collection of all my favorite writers and they filled up our home’s bookshelves. But after the hub and I had Ethan, I have less time to read because I was so tied up with many things in my life. So, for this year, I plan to set aside time to read, even if it’ll take me weeks to finish a book. I missed reading, seriously. I need to manage my time carefully, weighing my priorities in my daily life and I believe I will have time to pick up reading again.

9. Photography. My all time favorite subject & hobby! We can spend days talking about this and I’ll still be talking non-stop about my passion for photography. It’s been years since I received my first digital camera and over the years, I’ve accumulated a decent collection of digital, films and polaroid cameras. I’ve got too many to count with both hands in fact! *laugh* Since I’m starting my Project Life this year, I foresee that I’ll be whipping out my Canon SLR, micro four-third Olympus Pen, Fuji Instax polaroid and my other films cameras very often to play. I slowed down quite a bit in taking photos the past 2 years and I regretted I missed out a lot of opportunities in capturing those precious moment with my family and friends. So, I’m planning to make it a point to bring my camera along with me wherever I go.

10. It has always been my dream to visit one of my favorite countries on this very planet. Bhutan will be next destination on my list of places I want to go. My dearest best friend Jan and I are planning to make a trip to Bhutan some time in October this year and we hope, if all goes well as planned, we’ll be there in 10 months time! But if it doesn’t, there’s always next year right? Crossing my fingers and toes!

Well, I think I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this long post but I hope you do have a list of plans cooked up for yourself this year too. If you have plans that you want to share please feel free to do so. I would love to hear what are your plans for this year. 😀

I’m not leaving this post without a photo, so I’m posting these photos of Ethan with his own invention of pop-out eyes and antenna using some papers and my sunglasses! How cool is that? 😉

And for people who don’t understand his condition, who he is, how we are coping as a family and how we are managing the changes in the past few years, please do not say hurtful things that you don’t mean it (or even mean it). And if you don’t like being near him, just leave him alone and don’t say a single word more. He don’t deserve to be around people who don’t deserve him. And I always believe that what goes around will come around, eventually.

He’s a great, wonderful, loving and affectionate boy amidst the difficult times and changes he’s going through. We love him as he is and we wouldn’t trade him for any one else even if we could turn back time.

Don’t forget to post your comments if you want to stand a chance to win one of my new year giveaways in my previous post. You still have time until 6pm this evening!

Good luck! I can’t wait to see whose names I’ll draw. 😀

See you tonight again when I post the lucky winners!

  • HeikeJanuary 5, 2012 - 4:58 pm

    I keep my fingers crossed for you that you’ll be able to make your hopes, wishes and plans come true! I totally agree and I also said goodbye to the typical new year’s resolutions. Instead, I go for wishes but without laying any pressure on my efforts to fulfil them.

    By the way, as far as #9 photography is concerned, you and your wonderful Instagram pictures were one of the reasons for me to start taking pictures again! Thank you for that!

  • PengJanuary 5, 2012 - 6:41 pm

    Hi! You have a great kid! 🙂
    My son has the same condition (and same age as your son too). We had our fair share of fears and challenges in the beginning, but we are blessed to be in touch with so many wonderful people who helped us and supported us. His sister, my hubby n I are just as glad and blessed to have him too!

    Jia you!

  • FindingnanaJanuary 5, 2012 - 7:46 pm

    Hi Peng,
    Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to know we’re in the same boat and we’re blessed with many wonderful people who helped & supported us along our journey. I believe we’ll do just fine with all the challenges ahead of us. 🙂

  • FindingnanaJanuary 5, 2012 - 8:20 pm

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Heike and I’m glad you like my Instagram photos. Have fun taking lots of pictures and share them with us! 🙂

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