Project Life Update | Inspiration & New Goodies

Here’s a quick outlook what is in progress this week.

I have to admit I have been struggling this week trying to put together my Week 5 pages, mainly because I’ve been feeling under the weather with sore throat and a bad cough. Being so stubborn, I kept procastinating going to the doctor. Kept telling myself I will go today, the next day and the day after tomorrow and guess what? It never happen. *laugh* And so I endured the pain from the coughing and finally I gave in today! Nope, I still didn’t see the doctor but I got the hub to buy me some lozenges and a bottle of Chinese herb and honey extract medicine. I drank a full table spoon and my coughing stopped immediately!! It really soothes my throat and I regretted not getting it days ago. Anyway, it’s better than never.:D

Other than the irritating sore throat and cough, this week has progressed really slow generally. I hardly take any pictures and now I’m panicking because I would have no photos to document for Week 6! But then again, I probably will grab some today and from my Instagram images. Thank God for iPhone and Instagram. You really need them to save your day!

Oh oh……………. I have to share this with you! I’ve just received my new Becky Higgins Black Signature Binder from my local scrapbooking store Scraplicious! Yipeeeeeeee!! Been waiting for this binder for a couple of months and it’s finally here!:DScraplicious is the distributor for Becky Higgins Project Life products for South East Asia and Japan. And if you want to grab this binder, you better do so quickly before it runs out! And they come in white too.;)

When I first saw this in person, I knew I made the right decision in ordering this Black Signature Binder. The quality of the design is amazing and I love the circular imprints on the binder. Very simple and classy.

A label tab is also included on the spine of the binder.

What I feel about this binder, which is worth paying for (S$5 difference) than my Clementine binder, is that the inside of the album is also covered with the imprint design. It really looks amazing inside out and I knew I made the right choice getting this binder.

Thanks so much Scraplicious for bringing this into Singapore!!:D

 Let’s take a peek of my Week 5-in-progress work.

Lots of goodies to use on Week 5 like the past 4 weeks.

This is also the reason why I decided to stick to my own style (not specifically defined), to document my pocket inserts like I scrap my layouts. I tried to simplify it but I just can’t *laugh* I’m not complaining because I’m happy with the way I do my Project Life. I love adding bits and pieces of goodies, they made me happy. When I’m happy I enjoy the process of putting my pages together. I think that’s very important to me. I don’t want to feel like a drag trying to play catch up, what pictures to print, what papers to use etc. I’m already getting the hang of this and I think it’s best that I maintain this momentum as it is.

For those of you who is doing this the first time, how exactly do you feel after 5 weeks of starting Project Life? Are you enjoying yourself? Are you overwhelmed? What makes it easy for your to do your weekly updates? Do you plan ahead what to include in your pages? Are you having any difficulties of putting everything together? How do you organize your spread?

If you feel like sharing, it would please me for you to share your thoughts in the comment box of this post or link me to your blog so I can visit you to read how you progress in your Project Life.

And to those of you who need inspiration or just to peek at what others are doing, I’ve found a few very inspiring blogs that I love reading on a weekly basis.

Michelle Wooderson ~ She’s one amazing lady whose blog I came upon at Becky Higgins pool of creative team girls. I just love her weekly spreads, they’re filled with fun goodies and so much eye candy. And she has loads of great photos and stories she documents every week.

Allison Waken ~ I just discovered her days ago and I simple love her Project Life spreads! You have to take a look at her 2012 title page that she made, amazing photo booth images! Very fun and refreshing. And so are the rest of her weekly spreads.

Ali Edwards ~ I love the simplicity of her Project Life. I love the way she tells her stories about her life, kids, family and other happenings. Her spreads are always filled with lots of inspirational journalings and words prompts. And I also love her digi stuff of words and phrases.

Marcy Penner ~ She has some amazing journaling on her Project Life spreads. I love her style, her products designed for Project Life, pictures of her daily life and and the colors of her goodies used are so pleasing to the eyes.

I’ll be adding more inspiring Project Lifers’ blogs onto my links at the bottom page of my blog in weeks and months to come.

On a side note, I was busy cutting some doilies yesterday which you’ve probably noticed in my earlier pictures;)

I die-cut them using my Sizzix and you’ll be seeing me using them quite a bit in my Project Life spreads.

Oh, just to entice you a bit more, I’ll be giving away some of these cute doilies probably next week, post Valentine’s Day ok? I won’t be around the next 2 days as I’ll be making my way to Malaysia for a short business trip tomorrow morning. It’s been a while since I travel for work so it’ll nice to just get away for a day or two, nothing more than that or I’ll be missing home and my boys!

And before I leave, I want to show you some wonderful goodies I received from a sweet and lovely girl. She sent me an altered notebook, card, pearl embellis and some cute fabric buttons! They are absolutely lovely and she really made my day! Thanks so much Joanna, you’re a gem!:D

I’ll be back again tonight to update my completed Project Life Week 5 pages.

See ya later!


  • Joanna leeFebruary 12, 2012 - 3:41 pm

    Oh my gosh Leena! Those doilies are so sweet!!! I wish I had a big shot but am still resisting buying one to save money! Heee。have a good trip to Malaysia!

  • Jackie O.February 12, 2012 - 6:11 pm

    Hi Leena! I love your die-cut dollies. Could you please tell me which brand is your die-cut for the dollies? Another question please: besides the Black Signature Binder, would you know if Scraplicious received other Project Life stuff like Core Kits? Thanks for your reply and am looking forward to seeing your PL week 5.
    p/s I am definately enjoying myself each week doing my Project Life! I carry my small camera (a sony Cyber-shot) with me and shoot everyday life (you might have seen some of my pics on FB this week). I don’t really plan ahead but sometimes my week is full so I add an insert. My Project Life pages are not “works of art” but I am happy with it and happy doing it ^_^.

  • Yeong ShongFebruary 12, 2012 - 6:50 pm

    I just love your blog…I make frequent visits for inspiration. This is my first year doing Project Life too, and I enjoyed it. I only take photos with my iPhone, don’t have a decent camera yet…and I will keep taking photos whole day long. I do plan the layouts of my spread, I also have a self-made planner to jot down notes on bits and pieces of the days……I think I’ve got my flow..

    By the way, I’ve exactly the same doilies dies like you have….and may I know what paper do you cut them from? I’m looking for some that can take in mist so that I can re-colour them…

  • Linda in AusFebruary 12, 2012 - 7:33 pm

    Hi Leena I hope you are feeling better. Lucky you of to Malaysia, we are going in March for two weeks holiday.this is my first year doing PL and at first I found it quite hard, I did buy the Clementine kit but next time I will just get the binder as I am now having so much fun using bits and pieces from my stash. I normally spend about two or three nights doing my weekly pages.I love your doilies I have that die as well.

  • tammy bFebruary 13, 2012 - 3:04 am

    this is my 3rd year doing PL and i just keep it plain and simple, even though i love to look at all the amazing, fancy stuff other people do! i just love your style and enjoy looking at your pages :)

  • AlinsyFebruary 14, 2012 - 3:57 am

    Hi Leena, same question as Alex O, how do you cut out the dollies? And what die cut are you using? I simply love using dollies in my scrapbook, currently only left over with a few pieces only.

    I can see you have different design of dollies and that really makes me drool. I do have a big shot machine. probably can teach us how to cut them out and hopefully scraplicious will have the sizzix die cuts.

    Thanks Leena and hope to see more of your project soon.

    Alinsy Lin

  • HeatherFebruary 14, 2012 - 11:19 pm

    WOW! I found your blog because Kelly Purkey pinned a picture of your Project Life posts! I’m so super happy that I did – your blog and projects are absolutely inspiring and wonderful!!

    I just received my very 1st project Life Binder/pages. Instead of buying the kits, I’m planning on using up my stash (which is embarrassingly extensive). I’m hoping this works out for me. I also joined a site: OhLife where they send me an email every day asking me about my day. (I chose 9pm – after the kiddies are asleep and things have settled for the night). When it comes (to my phone – which makes it super convenient) I simply reply with what happened for that day. I’m thinking this will be a tremendous help to me as the journaling is usually the hardest part for me.

    I honestly feel a bit apprehensive about starting. It’s such a big commitment and LIFE happens, but I’ve kind of convinced myself that I just have to make it fun and do my best :). Anyway – thanks for the advise and awesome links.

  • Melissa StinsonFebruary 16, 2012 - 11:24 pm

    First of all, I just found your blog a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it!!

    This is actually not my first year doing PL, but it is my first time doing it in this gorgeous eclectic fashion instead of a straight photo a day. I usually wait until the end of the week, then plan my layout (I use March Penner’s planning sheets) and print my photos all at once. I may or may not put it together right away, though, depending on my schedule and other commitments. I crop once a month with the girls at church, so if I have a few weeks I’m “behind” on I just take those printed photos and some supplies with me and do PL there.

    I’m documenting my Project Life adventures on my blog should you wish to check them out!

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