Project Life | Week 3 Twenty12

Project Life | Week 3

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time reading about other people’s Project Life, many talked about what really inspires them to take up Project Life, how they go about making it their own style, how they organize their stuff to be used, and most importantly, what they get out of doing Project Life.

The most common reason people take up Project Life is of course to record the every day life and preserving memory. That’s also my main reason for doing this. And when I flipped through my pages on what I’ve done so far, even though it’s only 3 weeks worth of stories and images, I’m very happy with what I’ve done to date. Even my dear hub, who has rarely comment on my scrapbook work (his common feedback would be “hhmmm, nice”) has also agreed that this project is very interesting and he enjoys flipping through the pages! I can’t believe this is coming from him! *laugh*

And the other thing that I’ve benefitted from Project Life is overcoming my “fear” in journaling. You bet! For years I’ve been struggling with words and how to journal my thoughts and feelings onto my scrapbooking work, be it layouts or albums or tags or cards. But 3 weeks have passed and so far, I’m doing good. In fact, it’s better than I expected. At times I caught myself babbling when I filled up the cards but I no longer have the fear to pen down whatever words that come into my mind. I no longer have the fear, wondering if people may laugh at what I write because they think it’s something silly or stupid (Don’t be surprised because I know some people out there pick on what people actually write and if they get the spelling right! It’s true because I know them personally) Right now, I’m just glad that I took up Project Life and I’m looking forward to the process of putting the pages together.:D

On a side note, thank you all for your wonderful messages on my yesterday’s post. I’m glad and happy most of you benefit from my simple tutorial in making collage out of Instagram images. I have some of you asking questions and I’ve replied them in the same comment box. Please check them in this post.

I’m sorry I don’t have any other tutorials using Picasa to make different kind of collages but in time to come, I will share more.:)

Alrighty, let’s take a look at my Week 3 spread. I have to apologize the images aren’t fantastic because I took them when the sky turned dark and I have to admit the resolution is appalling.

An overview of both pages. This time there will be no insert.  Generally, the week covers activities on Ethan officially receiving his “Kyu Red” belt on his Aikido promotion, him getting a hair cut just before Chinese New Year, my cousins joining my family for reunion dinner and we visited my husband’s family for dinner on CNY eve.

I’ve used a mix of Becky Higgins Clementine core kit, photo pocket protectors and my own stash of materials. As you can see I used Clementine Title Card which I absolutely love! I just added AC Thickers alphabets and stamped the Week 3 dates.

Page 1 is all dedicated to my dear boy. I love seeing his images on the pages. He always make me smile and each image will remind me the event, what was being said and done. I’m also trying to make sure his presence in my Project Life will be more prominent because I know he grows up really fast and I want to record every moment of him as much as I can.

This is the scene of the official presentation of the “Red Kyu” from Ethan’s instructor. I printed this photo in 4″ x 6″ and just added stickers from Cosmo Cricket and October Afternooon.

In the centre pockets, I used both journaling cards from the Clementine core kit, added a ticket, number label from Elle’s Studio and a sticker tag from October Afternoon.

That’s Ethan trying to show off wearing his red belt! *laugh* He was ecstatic beyond words when he passed the test and I wished I could show you his on-clouds-nine facial expression at that moment. Circle label is from Elle’s Studio and words sticker is from October Afternoon, I think.;)

Ethan getting his haircut just before Chinese New Year eve. Did I mention before that Ethan used to throw BIG fits getting his hair cut? That happened years ago when he was a toddler up until about 4 years old. Because Ethan has autism, he has some sensory issue where he feels extremely agitated and in distress when the scissor touch his skin or when the hair falls onto his skin. He would cry badly and refused to get his hair cut at the barber, so for years my mom and I would take turns to cut his hair at home. And let me tell you this, cutting his hair takes a LOT of time and effort and a LOT of pacifying!! Every time we cut his hair we will sweat so much and we would be covered all over with his hair! *laugh* And it was always done in the bathroom with water spraying all over so we would get wet as well. Thank God those days are over and we’re soooooo glad he started going to the barber 3 years ago but he still doesn’t like the sound of the hair cutting machine and hair dryer. But it’s getting better each time and we’re really proud of him overcoming his fear of getting a hair cut.

We’re still not getting 100% eye contact from him at times but he’s doing much better these days. We’re working hard on it and over the years we’ve seen vast improvement in his behavior especially after he attended a year of occupational therapy. So, here’s him looking good after the hair cut.:D

I added lots of yummy goodies from Elle’s Studio, Hambly Screenprints, Cosmo Cricket and October Afternoon.

Page 2 would all be about family gatherings during the Chinese New Year reunion dinners. My two favorite cousins came over to join our family for the dinner and we also made our way to my husband’s family side for dinner.


I cut out 2 journal cards from the 12 x 12 sheet of Crate Paper Random collection and adhered them side by side onto a 4″ x “6 cardstock.  Instagram photo measures about 2.5″ x 2.5″ and I added stickers from October Afternoon. Stitching is by sewing machine around the edges.

For both centre pockets, I used journaling cards from Clementine core kit, added masking tapes, brad and paper tag from My Mind’s Eye, words sticker from October Afternoon and tore a strip of pattern paper from Crate Paper. Random sewing was done on the left card.

Here’s another photo of me and my 2 lovely cousins. I cut out 4 paper corners from The Girls Paperie pattern paper and adhered them onto a 4″ x 6″ white cardstock, added stickers from October Afternoon & Crate Paper and punched a butterfly on The Girls Paperie pattern paper as well. Stitches done using sewing machine along the edges of paper & randomly on the card.

On the top right pocket would be a photo taken of Ethan and myself. I mat the Instagram image on a Crate Paper pattern paper, added 2 strips of border sticker from KI Memories on the top and bottom of a white cardstock, stickers from 7 Gypsies, Cosmo Cricket & October Afternoon.

In the centre pockets, I used Clementine journal cards, added strips of masking tapes & Crate Paper pattern paper, October Afternoon stickers and stitched with sewing machine again.

This would be the last pocket on page 2. I mat the Instagram image of the 3 of us on The Girls Paperie pattern paper, added 2 strips of KI Memories border stickers on the left and right side of white cardstock, label stickers from October Afternoon and Creative Imagination.

That would be for Week 3.

I’m now starting to work on my Week 4 spread and I hope to share them with you this weekend.

How’s your Project Life coming along? I hope you’re enjoying the process of putting everything together as much as I do.

Hey, have you heard that Scraplicious has just started their own Project Life Wednesday today?:D

They will be sharing tips and tricks to help you in your Project Life journey and even your own memory-keeping/scrapbooking journey. How cool is that!

For 2012, they will be actively using twitter to share ideas, conduct giveaways and divulge special promotions, some exclusive only for their twitter followers. So go and follow them on twitter now, and they will pick one of their followers to win a $10 Scraplicious Gift Voucher. *The voucher can be used either in-store or for online purchases of Project Life Items*

When you log into Twitter, just type search Scraplicious and follow them!

Have a great week ahead and Happy Wednesday!:D

  • Jackie O.February 2, 2012 - 12:44 am

    You are doing fine Leena. I just love your PL pages. Like you, I really love doing PL and am doing it on a weekly basis as well. I don’t worry what people think and say about my PL or my journaling; it’s all my memories and it’s precious to me!

  • HeikeFebruary 3, 2012 - 1:51 am

    If inspiration had a name, it would be Leena… you rock!
    Glancing through your PL pages, I very often feel touched as if I felt your love and dedication towards your family.
    Next week, I will hopefully get my page protectors and then I have everything I need to get started. Can’t wait! However, I’m also a little bit anxious, as I’ve never scrapbooked before and want to make it special for my little girl.

  • elaine tFebruary 3, 2012 - 10:22 pm

    Hi leena!
    Haven’t been here in a long while, so sorry. Am loving your new blog look and esp your posts on project life. Didn’t know what it was till I read yr posts and am now very inspired to do one. Thing is I don’t go to parkway parade at all, so dont think I can get hold of the project life kit, so prob hve to improvise using my stash, you think that will work?
    Can I also ask what other websites do you visit to read abt other people’s project life?
    Thanks so much for sharing yours, inclu tips etc. I wish my blog is as interesting as yours. :)

  • FindingnanaFebruary 6, 2012 - 10:03 am

    Hey Elaine,
    It’s good to hear from you again and thanks for making time to pop in here despite your busy schedule. :) Anyway, you can actually email Scraplicious at projectlife[at]scraplicious[dot]com to order the kit and they can deliver them to your doorstep! How convenient is that right? :) Oh, I usually visit Becky Higgins blog and browse through the design team members’ blogs to read about their Project Life entries. :)

  • rikaNovember 6, 2012 - 11:40 pm

    Hi Leena,
    here’s a quick question. Where can i get the rounded punch and how do you do the stitching? is there a special kit for it? Thank you! Lovely PL you’ve got! I’m inspired to start my own PL(read:newbie) Looking ard getting inspiration.hehe.Keep up the awesome stuff!

  • FindingnanaNovember 7, 2012 - 12:13 am

    Hi Rika,
    Thanks for your lovely message!
    I bought my corner rounded punch from Art Friend store and I used my sewing machine to do the stitches.
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy project life once you get started. Make sure to have fun!

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