Project Life | Week 5 Twenty12

Project Life | Week 5

Welcome back again to my Project Life weekly update!

I have just completed my Week 5 pages and as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I struggled a little this week but I’m just glad that I’ve managed to set aside time to catch up with lost time. All is good now.

Week 5 is the end of January and the start of the month of February. I thought we just celebrated Christmas and New Year not too long ago. And even Chinese New Year is long gone now. How time flies.

My family and I fell back into our regular school and work schedule. Most of the weekday evenings were spent at home recuperating from a full day at work for me and the hub where else Ethan finished school at 1:30 and followed by some evening classes and activities a couple of evenings in a week. We love hanging out a lot at home and we only venture out on weekends.

Through out the month of January, I’ve only used Design A photo pocket pages for my weekly spreads. This design is also commonly used by many other project lifers and for some people, they use Design A through out the year.

For Week 5, I thought why not try other photo pocket pages design for a change (I was holding this back for a while) and I decided to use Design B as seen on my page 2. The configuration consist of 3 pockets of vertical 4″ x 6″ pockets and the rest of 6 pockets are horizontal pockets of 4″ x 3″ size. It was a bit of a challenge with this pocket design but it was great fun trying something new for a change. I managed to print out my pictures to fit those pockets and embellished them like I always do.

I have also used something new for these spread. On top of the regular Clementine journal cards and my own stash of goodies, I’ve used some doily die cuts which I posted earlier and some new papers from Webster’s Pages Sunday Picnic collection.

Here’s a quick run of the close ups of each pocket for my spread.

I’ve inserted one of my doily die cuts onto the week’s title card. The rest of the materials are from my own stash instead of using my Clementine core kit title card.

I printed out a photo of Ethan in 4″ x 6″ and added October Afternoon alpha stickers.

On one of the centre pockets, I used my typewriter to type out the list of week 5 activities instead of hand writing them. And for the right pocket I cut out a Webster’s Pages Sunday Picnic journal card, adhered it onto a blank journal card, added half of my doily die-cut, arrow stickers from the Clementine core kit and an October Afternoon label stickers.

For this image, I made a photo collage using Picasa and print it out in a single photo paper of 4″ x 6″. I did a simple tutorial on creating photo collage and print out in 4R size at Scraplicious blog HERE.

The last pocket of page one is just a full size image in 4″ x 6″ of Ethan with my god daughters Spring and Shayne who popped by for a visit. I captured this image of them creating some art I bought for Ethan. Love that they’re sharing the goodies together.

Here’s page 2 close ups of my week 5 spread using Design B photo pocket page.

The top 3 pockets are vertical 4R size. In fact, I quite like this configuration and I hope to use them again in the coming weeks.

The photo of Ethan eating his Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was taken during a Friday night out with him. I have just started this “me & Ethan only” night out on week 5 and we continued to do so on Week 6 too. I’m loving this arrangement with just Ethan and myself going out together on Friday evening. The fact that he loves it as well made both of us very happy spending time alone with each other. I love that we are having mother and son bonding time together and I’m going to continue with this Friday night out with him more often. This is something I’ve listed in my year 2012 hopes, wishes and plans.:D

Here’s another priceless picture of Ethan at the pool. He has been having his weekly swimming lessons since May last year. It has an amazing transition through out the 10 months because when he first started out, he was very afraid of going into the pool. First few weeks of lessons were an agony for him, and for me too. He refused to go into the pool or he was clinging onto the coach and screaming for his life (as if he’s drowning! *laugh*). I would try ways and means to assure him it is safe and the coach even tried to make sure he hold on to Ethan she he goes into the pool. So when he screamed, his voice echoed through out the pool complex and I would cringe in embarrassment and tried to run for cover! *laugh* I wasn’t being mean but I gave up trying to pacify him but I can’t bear his screaming and everyone at the pool were staring at us. I asked myself at that time why was he afraid of water when my husband and I are both very good swimmers and my hub is even a certified diver. Well, like the coach told us, some kids just need time to get used to the water, some will love the water the moment they were born. He was absolutely right. At this moment, Ethan loves to swim and he wouldn’t even miss it for anything. We’re just glad he’s loving swimming now.:)

These are 4 of the 6 pockets in 4″ x 3″. You see that picture of Ms Piggie staring out of the window? She does that a lot every single day. She just loves to sit by the window and stare out, like she’s day dreaming about something. Sometimes I just wonder what was she thinking. Was she thinking about what she’s going to have for dinner, what time she’ll be taking her nap, what insects she’s going to catch for the day etc. *laugh* She’s my baby. I absolutely love her to bits!

That’s about it for Week 5.

Here’s overview of the week.

I’m hoping to start on my Week 6 right after I return from my trip on Tuesday. I need to get the pictures sorted out even if I’m not putting anything together just yet.

Thank you for your well wishes and sharing your thoughts on your Project Life process in my precious post. I’ll find time next week to answer some of your questions when I return.

Have a great week ahead!

  • Allison WakenFebruary 13, 2012 - 12:16 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous PL spread! So inspiring! Adding you to my blog reader :)

  • GeralynFebruary 14, 2012 - 11:00 am

    I am so inspired by your project life! I look forward to each time you post :)

  • danielleFebruary 18, 2012 - 12:57 am

    I love your pages, just beautiful!

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