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Etsy Order Update

First of all, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for visiting my etsy store and making your purchase on some of my products, especially the flair buttons which I’ve recently released! I’m truly grateful for your support and ever so thankful for this wonderful opportunity. I was sincerely overwhelmed by the positive responses and felt thrilled at the same time because “someone actually wants to buy my buttons!”. Hahaha!

Ok, moving on to the bit of good news. After my first batch of buttons (available stock) was sold out within hours of release (and I was still in shock! *laugh*), I decided to re-stock the buttons so that my other buyers will still get to enjoy the promotional price for my buttons and don’t mind waiting for new stocks to arrive.

Having said that, I have stated in the content page of each button design page that you clicked, that the buttons will only be shipped after the 28th May.

So, I’ve received news yesterday that my raw buttons are arriving at my doorstep today! Yay!

And so I’ll be activating my batallion of army, which will be “Me, myself and I” *laugh* to make the buttons and have them shipped out as soon as I can! But with the long pre-order list, I foresee that your orders will go out at the earliest date this Saturday, 26th May or the latest next Monday, 28th May.

I’ll be going on a short work trip to Indonesia this Wednesday which is tomorrow and will be back by Thursday evening and will continue to work on the buttons thereafter. I truly appreciate your kind understanding for giving me a little more time to prepare the buttons.

P/S – Some of you ordered from my first batch of buttons and repeated your order after my re-stock, so I held back your first orders to ship together with your 2nd orders.

Once your orders are shipped within the next 7 days, you will receive a notification from Etsy to inform you your orders are on their way to you.

When the buttons supply arrives today, I will have enough to fulfill all the current orders and to re-stock at my Etsy shop.

Here are some updated information you may want to take note of from today:

1. For current local orders that are on pre-order status, I will have them shipped out to you together with the rest within 7 days from tomorrow (for those who have made payment)

2. Once all pending orders have been shipped after 28th May, all purchases (local & international) of buttons and other goodies will only be available at my Etsy shop. This is to ensure your purchase is quickly secured, payment is immediate through PayPal and also to prevent mis-communication & delayed of response. It’s more easily communicated through one single location at Etsy.

If you have any questions or concern at all, please feel free to let me know. 🙂

And while I was waiting for the arrival of the buttons supply over the weekend, I was toying around with some new button designs and so here’s a peek of one of them which will be released in the coming weeks. 😀

Thank you once again for all your lovely comments you left for me on my previous post on project life! You girls always make my day better.

Hope to be back here soon for my next project life update.

Have a great week ahead! 😀

  • Jackie O.May 23, 2012 - 12:04 am

    Don’t overwork yourself Leena! I will wait patiently for my buttons as I know that I’ll get them sometime soon! You take care, have a good trip. xx

  • libbywilkoMay 23, 2012 - 7:49 pm

    The buttons look so cool ! Love love them… Off to check out your shop.. Or the last button post 🙂 thanks Leena !

  • Julie {CalleLillyCafe}May 24, 2012 - 12:26 pm

    I’m loving your new designs!!

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