Flair Buttons Winners

Once again, THANK YOU all sooooooo much for joining my flair buttons giveaway and for “liking” my new Facebook page!! You’ve been truly supportive and I sincerely appreciate your time in playing along!

And I’ve drawn the winners for the giveaway and they are…………………

1st winner of #25

ellie a. - OH my GOSH!! Seriously some gals are gonna squeal so loud you will be able to here them over by you.. I know I would! Ha.. Of course I’ve gonna & become a fan on FB! (Ellie Augustin) now as to which ones of these delish goodie flairs I love well ALL of them so hard to choose! If I would be so lucky & be chosen I’d LOVE to be surprised & let you choose for me because I know I would use all of these UP!! Your AWESOME & thanks so much for the chance.

2nd winner of #64

veronika mayer - I like your FB and your new blog outlook as well. I hope to win. I love all your buttons! My favorite buttons are: hello there, more than words3, travel, happy day, days of the week. I would like to win!!!!

Hello girls, CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!

Please send me an email to claim your winning prize at findingnana73[at]gmail[dot]com. You’ll get to pick your favorite 5 flair buttons sets each from the list I posted HERE!:D

I hope all of you is having a great weekend and thank you again so much for visiting my blog!

Happy sunday to all!:)

  • Veronika MayerJune 25, 2012 - 4:36 am

    oh my god! it is unbelievable!!! it is fantastic! this is my first time I have won something! thanks thanks thanks a lot! I love your buttons!!! I am really happy! Thanks for your gift! you are the best! happy week to you!

  • Ellie A.June 25, 2012 - 9:33 am

    SUUUPPPEERRRR Squeal I am SO SO SOSOSOOOOOOO Excited!! Thank YOU Thank YOU Sooooo MUCH! :)

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