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Complete Makeover

If only I’m the one getting a complete makeover, I’ll be darn happy! *laugh* If I am, you’re going to be the first to know it, that’s for sure! 😉

Well, as most of you would have known, last weekend Instagram was down in a mass power outage caused by a massive storm in the United States. I think the whole world came to complete standstill when Instagram was down for nearly a day. I was “suffering” a terrible withdrawal, I felt absolutely restless and bored. I felt like a part of me shut down. I was so dependent on Instagram as my outlet of de-stress and to get inspiration every minute, I was so lost that I can’t get into Instagram.

To get myself moving and out of boredom, I went out on Saturday to get my supplies from Art Friend, a local art store I frequent on a monthly basis. And as I was traveling down the escalator, a shop caught my eye, which I have not seen before. I mean, it wasn’t there on my precious visit. What really caught my attention was the wonderful displays on the window of the store. Then I strained my neck as far as I could, trying to see what was in the store from the escalator. I then grabbed Ethan’s hand and the next moment, we were both outside the store. I went like “WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Why have I not seen this amazing store before??!!”.

The moment I stepped into the store, I went on a 2 hours retail therapy, lugging 4 HUGE bags of stuff I picked up from the store with the owner himself helping me to carry them to my car. *laugh* Yes, I went absolutely crazy the moment I stepped into the store, the Cat Socrates. I’ve never seen a store like this in the entire Singapore island (no other store like this that I know of). They sell the most AMAZING stuff that I felt like moving in there to stay permanently! Hahaha!

Guess what? The owner told me his shop has been in that building for almost 4 years!! 4 Years?! And I’ve never seen it when I go there so often! I am seriously blind! But then again, the shop was previously located at a different side of the building but they have just shifted to the location that I happened to come across. That Saturday was the first day Cat Socrates store re-opened after they moved! How lucky I was! I was just so thrilled to have discovered it and oh my, was I happy walking out the store with all of my favorite things I found in the place! 😀

And thank you to Cat Socrates owner, I was allowed to snap some shots of the store filled with so many wonderful details at every corner of the beautiful store! I will definitely be back at the store again to grab more of their gorgeous stuff. 😀

So, I came home with my loots, and within hours on the same Saturday evening, I got the help of my ever obliging hubby, who were more than willing to help me put up the shelves that I brought home with me from the store. I gave my scrap space a complete makeover and I simply love how it turned out!

Here’s a little tour of my ” new” space. 🙂

This was the first shelve that I laid eyes upon and I immediately fell in love with it! I told myself I have to get it! It will look great on my wall. I had ideas running through my head when I was in the store on what I’m going to display on this beauty. 🙂  I of course took out all my vintage cameras, which have been sitting inside my dry box for the longest time and I placed them on 3 of the 9 square slots. They fit perfectly into them!

I managed to grab a pretty rattan mini luggage, a few enamel wares and a cute mini pail. All of them fit into the shelve perfectly too!

Oh oh, I love that porcelain mushroom and the little potted plant, which requires watering only once or twice a month. How cool is that! 😀

Here’s a 2nd piece of shelve that I love so much! The 3-tier piece now sits nicely on my wall, with displays of my vintage cameras, mini metal basket, more enamel wares, glass bottle, and a photo holder.

This next piece of wall frame with chicken coop wire, is one of my all time favorite items I’ve acquired. I’ve been looking around for an ideal wall inspiration board to pin my favorite photos and here is is, the perfect one that I’ve finally found! It also came with a few mini wooden clothes pegs, I added a few of my own pegs to the board to pin up some of my mini postcards while waiting to print some Instagram to put them up later. I’m so happy with this purchase and it was my best so far!

My scrap table now has been re-arranged to fit some of these items that I brought home with me from Cat Socrates. Another precious piece that I got was this cute little green mini table which now sits nicely just below the wall shelves. I also found a cute mini wooden ladder and it sits amongst my other favorites items.

I’ve been searching for a drawer like this for as long as I could remember! I’m so thrilled to find oe that I could store my project life journaling cards. It can also fit my washi tapes perfectly! 😀

Oh dear, look at this enamel teapot I found in the store! It reminds me of the days when I was a little girl, my granddad’s coffee shop back in Malaysia, used this teapots to serve either coffee or tea to customers. Brings back so much good memories of yesteryear! 😀

And here’s my last piece of finding, another all time favorite of my mine. This beautiful wooden piece of tool box with a grungy looking metal handle will be a complete perfect storage for many of my bits & pieces project life goodies! I am so in love with this piece I couldn’t stop looking and touching it whenever I step into my scrap room! *laugh*

So, that’s about it on my weekend discovery, retail therapy and makeover of my scrap space. I’m definitely a happy ducky and I feel very inspired to hang around in my scrap room to create. 😀

I hope your weekend was a good one. And thank you once again for all your lovely birthday wishes to Ethan!

Have a great week ahead!

  • Carol ArgyleJuly 3, 2012 - 5:00 am

    Wow Leena, What an amazing store to find and what gorgeous things you chose to take home. I love stores like that too but they are very few & far between where I live. I love each of the things you bought but especially the shelf, the chicken wire frame, the wooden tool box, the enamel ware and….!! 🙂

  • KateJuly 3, 2012 - 6:18 am

    Oh gosh!! I lingered ard this post for abt 10mins at least – lots of eye candy!! Great finds, Leena. I would have gone crazy in a store like that too!!!

  • Angie DelarieJuly 3, 2012 - 1:09 pm

    Wow Love all of these snaps Leena
    Havent heard from you from a while hun
    Dont know if you are getting all my emails and products..
    If you can t print hun ..I will send them over! xxoo Angie

  • MargheritaJuly 3, 2012 - 2:31 pm

    Wow, a lot of fantastic things! What a nice post, really refreshing and full of things to see 🙂

  • Linda in AusJuly 3, 2012 - 8:27 pm

    Oh wow wow wow, I need to visit you just to go to this store. Love the peg board and the tool box thingy. What a great find Leena.

  • Jackie O.July 4, 2012 - 8:12 pm

    What a shop! Love your finds as well. A “must visit” place next time I’m “home”! Take care Leena. xx

  • Ellie A.July 4, 2012 - 10:40 pm

    HOW in Heaven’s name do you even LEAVE that room. I am IN LOVE. I’d just wouldn’t want to leave that INSANELY AWESOME Room.. OH my gosh I am soooo drooling. LOVE IT LOVE IT LLOOOOVE IT 🙂

  • Julie {CalleLillyCafe}July 9, 2012 - 5:44 am

    I love your new space! Loving all the details too! Cameras, vintage findings too!

  • Roossy TirtaMay 16, 2013 - 8:26 am

    Love all your displays. I was at Popular book store when I found Cat Socrates. They have the most rustic and vintage looking things in there..

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