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My Favorite Instagram Feed Part 1

Needless to say, most of you would have known that I’ve been an active Instagram member for the past year.

I’ve shunned Facebook ever since Instagram came into my life. *laugh*

And it’s been an amazing journey for me being part of the Instagram community and amongst a gazillion Instagramers out there.

I love taking pictures and the easiest way to do that is to use my iPhone 4S, which is plastered to my hand 24/7, and capture whatever is going on around me.

I know, I’ve badly neglected my other cameras, especially my precious Canon baby, but I don’t want to miss taking all the good shots around me. So, the iPhone is my savior. It is light, more discreet and always with me whenever I need to take pictures.  🙂

Over the past year, I’ve been following a group of uber talented Instagramers whom I’ve included in my list of feed. They’re my daily caffeine, I need them to start off my day in a good way. And this list of feed has been one of my best daily therapies.


So, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite Instagramers and their amazing photos.

Here are the users name in order. Top row: @amyseeley @hirozzzz @cacahuete_sr  @designconundrum 2nd row: @annettabosakova @5ftinf @amerrymishap @kristianbird 3rd row: @alice_gao @aditzt @jordanaclaudia @whitneyreeder 4th row @rick_poon @nako0501 @cinloughridge @jeera

I know some of you may not have Instagram apps installed on your phone, so the links above will lead you to Webstagram where you can view their portfolios on your PC.

And if you like to view my pictures, you can see them HERE. My username is findingnana.

I’ll be back in due time to share more of my favorite feed and Instagramers.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 🙂

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