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Newly Discovered Instagram Feed Part2

Thank God it’s Friday today!

I’ve been waiting for this day to come all week and I’m so glad to have woken up this morning with an upbeat mood. Extremely happy. Oh well, it always happen on Fridays. *laugh*

I’m done with my work for the day, so I thought of popping in here for a quick post of more Instagram feed that I’ve just discovered lately.

All the images were taken from these Instagramers feed from Webstagram and I will link them to their accounts so you can visit them any time you like or add them to your feed.


Source – From left to right – Top row: @cucinadigitale @birdtrees @13thwitness @blackpigment 2nd row: @apieceofcake82 @ikumixx @sueshine @dearleila 3rd row: @jetsetter220 @mosmimo @cannellevanille @chiestylee 4th row: @pketron @idalaerke @chrisozer @laylalay

These people are really amazing and unique in their own ways. I’m truly captivated by their stories through the pictures they took.

And one particular Instagramer, whom I’ve just discovered this morning. One that connects to me in many similar way.

Sue K or sueshine as what she’s known in Instagram, has the most adorable and beautiful little girl named Sammy, who is autistic. Sue shares her amazing pictures and stories of her relationship and love for Sammy. This part is what connects me strongly to what she experienced with her child. I can see their day to day interaction with each other  like how I see mine with my own boy Ethan, who has austism too.

Source – sueshine (Webstagram)

I smile and tear when I look at her photos and read her stories in each of them. I love the fact that Sammy is a bright, happy and positive child, just like my own Ethan. Being autistic doesn’t change who they really are, in fact I’ve never seen a child like Ethan who is always so happy and positive. He gave me strength when I needed it and he never fail to cheer me up when I’m down. He makes me want to be a better person, as a mother, wife, and as a friend.

Looking back at my own journey of being a mother to an 8 year old austistic boy has been a roller coaster ride and bittersweet to me and my dear hubby. There were days of ups and days of downs, but all of them churned out positive outcome. I have to say we’re proud of ourselves for working so hard to make things work for Ethan. We always try our very best to ensure he gets the best attention and help. And we hope one day when he’s all grown up, he’ll be an independent young man who can strive for himself.

I’m not done going through Sue’s photos yet, so I’m going to be spending some time this weekend reading all about her and beautiful Sammy. And if you wonder why this little girl intrigues me in so many way, you can read about Sue’s Instagram feed HERE.

I’m glad I found Sammy through Sue today. I hope someone will touch your life, like she did mine. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

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