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I feel there’s a need to address a very minor issue right this moment on my online shop delivery status.

I have been advised by my local post office that all shipment to the United States will experience delay until further notice, which was caused by disruption to all air freight service prior to and post hurricane Sandy. As you many of you know, the east coast of the US was hit hard by the hurricane and thousands of flights and services were disrupted and came to a complete halt.

Right now, all air freight services going into US are trying to be back on schedule but it takes time.

I am asking for your patience, especially those of you from the US who have purchased products from my shop and have received my shipping notification since the last week of October until today, to wait for your package which may reach you very very late. As this disruption of air freight service is beyond my control, I will try to help answer your questions as best I can. But I am unable to expedite the shipping once they leave Singapore.

Some of you would have received your tracking number (it comes with only order value more than $30) and you will notice that your packages have left Singapore days or a week or two ago but have not reach the US shore. I would guess the freight plane could not land in US on schedule for some reason until their operation goes back to normal.

I want to thank you for your understanding on this matter and do feel free to read my shop policy HERE before placing your order. Please please take time to read because if you email me and ask questions about what have already been stated in the policy, your message will be placed on last priority for me to reply where else I will allocate more time on all inquiries that requires immediate attention. Thank you so much for doing this, it will help both you and me a lot! 🙂

Here are the FAQs I’ve compiled based on the inquiries I’ve received here in the blog and emails I’ve received from you.


Yes absolutely! I ship WORLDWIDE to almost everywhere. Almost. 🙂


From Singapore, the east side of the globe. You can’t really see this country on the map but it really exist, I promise!


For Local orders, it usually takes 3-4 working days. Anything more than that, it’s either you’re uncontactable if your item is registered or your mail got lost. I’ve had experience with wrong shipping address provided it to me. So, please please update your shipping address in your PayPal!

For International shipping to

~ other Asia countries, it takes about 5-7 business days.

~ Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Europe, South Africa, United States and South America, air parcel usually takes 14-16 business days. But……….. having said that, this estimated shipping time is NOT a guarantee that your parcel will arrive at the given estimated time.

The reasons being……………………..

I have encountered instances where my buyers did not receive their package after 3 weeks! There are a few real life instances that your parcel did not reach you on time. First, you’re unreachable a few times (if your package is registered where signature is required) and the post guy left and never come back, you moved and did not update your address, the local postal service sat on your mail for weeks (don’t be surprised because it happened a few times!), unforeseen weather condition like the Hurricane Sandy and a few more other reasons.

Please take note that I will ship at least 3 business days after receiving your order and I take utmost care to make sure they go out on time. I have to say Singapore post services are always very efficient and the parcel will leave the country between 1-3 business days upon receipt on weekdays. But once they are out of the Singapore, delays as mentioned above are beyond my control but I always try my best to help as best as I can.

Sometimes when I track the parcels, they have reached the buyer’s country very quickly but they just don’t reach the final destination, which is your home, for days and weeks at times! I can understand sometimes countries like US, Europe and Australia, your countries are really big and it does take time to get to you. So, please do not be anxious, just talk to me any time ok? 🙂


At this moment, I accept payment through PayPal only, for both local and international orders. This is the most secure payment option that I would recommend.


All purchase are final. Except for cases where your orders are damaged through transit, please contact me and I will try to assist you as best I can.


Yes, I do accept custom orders with a minimum order quantity and an additional customization fee is applicable. At times I would have to decline any custom orders due to my time constraint when I need to travel for work, when I’m tied up with new releases or I need to attend to family matters. So, please feel free to contact me ahead of time if you need to customize your order.

I think  more or less I have covered the general FAQs concerning my shop. If you have any other questions, please do feel free to leave your comments here and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.

Once again, THANK YOU all so much for stopping by my blog and shop at my store! 😀

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