Project Life | Week 50 & 51 Twenty 12

Project Life | Week 50

I’m so glad I’m finally back home after a week away on a business trip to Indonesia. I’ve missed my boys so much I felt like it’s taking forever to get my work done and come home to see them. It’s been a long week, I’m so exhausted by the work done this week but when I saw my boys again, my tiredness just vanished. That’s the power of healing! *laugh*

Anyway, in case you’re wondering what I work for a living that allows me to travel to places around Asia, I’m working with an automotive German company based in Singapore. I’m working in the Marketing division. We take care of all the marketing activities in this region and on country basis. So, I’ve been assigned to take care of Indonesia, which is our biggest customer in the region, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines. Whatever marketing activities that need to be implemented in these countries under my care, I have to be there. Which explains my frequent traveling. I have to say I’m one lucky lady because, almost half of my 20 years of working life, I was required to travel. First, my job as a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines (that was ages ago!;)), then my previous job in Nissan (also a regional office based in Singapore) and my current one, all of which requires traveling. I love these jobs very much because I don’t have to get stuck in my office 365 days a year. When I travel, I get to expand my knowledge, my understanding of different cultures, my thirst for local cuisines, and all of these makes me a better person. It opens up my mind and heart to people from all walks of life. I have better tolerance in life and it helps me to see the world in a different light. Believe me, I’ve seen enough to write a book and I’ve never been prouder to have such amazing opportunities to travel to so many countries. And I’m thankful for all of this.

Ok, enough about what I do for a living. As I’ve been away for the past week, I’m now trying to catch up with lost time. I have 4 weeks worth of my Project Life spreads to share but first, I’d like to show you what I’ve done for my spreads using Becky Higgins Seafoam core kit, thanks to Becky for this wonderful product!:)

Here’s what I did for my 2012 Week 50 & 51 using Seafoam core kit and some bits and pieces of my own stash.

Week 50

I have to say that I absolutely love working with Seafoam kit! The color palette of the cards are just amazing, they’re filled with beautiful cards, from the title cards, to fillers and journaling cards. They’re so well designed by Elise Blaha, the brainchild behind this wonderful kit! Thank you so much for making such gorgeous kit!

Besides using the cards from the Seafoam kit, I’ve also added some bits and pieces of stuff from my own stash and from the leftovers of my Studio Calico’s project life kit. The few favorite items that I added was washi tapes, alpha stickers,¬†labels from my shop and some die cuts from my Cameo. These are considered my essentials when I work on my Project Life spread.

Here’s a ¬†close up look of my Week 50 spread.

For Week 51, I’m also using the Seafoam cards as the base and the other miscellaneous stash that I worked on my Week 50.

Week 51

And here are some close up shots of my Week 51.

Phew! That is one long post filled with tons of images! And it took me more than an hour to get them up. My darn blog dashboard is running sooooooo slow like a snail and it is so frustrating when I need to quickly get a post up. I really need to look into how to get it work faster, probably an upgrade to the memory size of the platform or something like that. I’m not too savvy on this matter but I’ll figure it out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my pages and I’ll be back soon with my new 2013 spreads.

Thank you once again for taking time to pop by my blog. My apologies for the lack of postings as I was away in the past week. I promise to post more this year, another one of my 2013 goals.:)

Have a great weekend ahead!

Donna G.February 3, 2013 - 6:47 am

I did wonder about your job. What wonderful travel opportunities you have! I love Seafoam, too. I used it for Week Four of PL. Thanks for sharing your pages. They’re always gorgeous!

libbywilkoFebruary 3, 2013 - 12:49 pm

Always love catching your pages Leena.

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