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I took the day off today, staying home just chilling out. I came home at midnight on Saturday from Vietnam and Sunday went too soon, so my body was screaming for a break. I’m glad I did take the day off and it was a good one.

I spent a good few hours clearing some emails, reading and chatting with Ethan in the morning. And I continued with my Project Life with some weeks that’s needing some final touch. I’ve had all my pictures printed up to Week 26 as of yesterday and I have to proudly say I’m current right now. 🙂


I’ve never come this close to being current and it took me one heck of a discipline to do that.

So, what’s my secret to staying current?

Well, I’m one person who is extremely disciplined when it comes to uploading photos every single week without fail. I do this at the end of the week, and I always spend a good one hour getting my photos transferred from my phone to my special Project Life folder. As time goes, it becomes a habit and it gets easier each time. Do this for one good year and you can do it with both eyes closed! *laugh*

Seriously, getting my photos uploaded to my folder, printing them and inserting into my page protectors even without doing anything else do help a LOT. I steal some time in between the weekdays after my boys have gone to bed, the house becomes quiet and peaceful and that’s how I get down to my pages with all the photos printed, all I need is just to add embellishments and journaling. Sometimes I can finish it off in one sitting for an hour but sometimes it’ll take me two nights but that’s fine.

I used to update my spread on the weekend but I changed my routine after I started my new job in May. My boys are my priority over the weekend because I’m starting to travel again, I lost my time with my boys on the week days. So, my time over the weekend is for them. Then again, I do bend my rules and I steal 30 minutes here and there on weekend mornings to whip up a few cards.

So, that’s my secret of staying current right now. If things change again in my work routine, I’ll have to adapt to another process. I’m quick at adjusting maybe because I could manage my time well. Let’s just say I could do with just 5-6 hours of sleep, be up for work by 7am, gets home at 7pm, have dinner and tv time with my boys, spend another few hours of ‘me’ time before I hit the sack and the cycle continues for the rest of the week. And I’ll still be ok. 🙂

I hope things are working well for you at your end. Remember to take your own time and enjoy the memory-keeping. That’s all it matters.

  • Magda MizeraJuly 1, 2014 - 2:57 am

    oh Leena, I have the same! 🙂 every Sunday evening (or Monday morning) i select photos from the whole week and send them to my print shop. they’re ready on the next day and I can work on my spreads during the week. it’s so much easier than leaving it till the end of a month or so.
    you’re the one that inspired me to start my album! ♥


  • CindyJuly 5, 2014 - 12:29 pm

    I have about the same daily routine. Only I need 6-7 hours of sleep, and my boy wakes up at 5 PM… Say bye bye to the me-time, haha! Luckely the hubby enjoyed one or two nightwatch of gaming, so I can do PL!
    Love your spreads, you are a real inspiration. However, if I try your style, it looks like a bomb went of in a scrapbook store, haha!!

  • Cele SchafferAugust 1, 2014 - 8:44 am

    Love this post and the post today on Studio Calico re: organization. I was wondering if you could give us a few more details about your printing process-what type printer,paper and how you place them on your paper…Do you use just phone for pics or particular cameras?? Love to see all your hard work and beautiful creativity-thank you so much!

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