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No Staycation But We Still Had A Great Time!

Days leading up to the third term one week school break, I was suggesting to the hub that since we’re not going out of town for a short holiday, we could plan a staycation in Sentosa island.

Sentosa is a small island just off the main Singapore island with lots to see and do. That’s where Universal Studio Singapore is located. And so I went on to check out some staycation package at some of the hotels in Sentosa. I know that it’s a school holiday and the rates of the hotels will definitely be higher compared to non-peak season rates but oh my, for just two nights stay it’ll cost more than S$800 including taxes?!

No way I’m paying to stay in a hotel just 30 minutes drive from my home! Yes they do have nice room with air-condition and a pool view but still. I have air-condition in all the three bedrooms in my home and a comfortable bed. And better still it’s FREE! Hah! How about that as a good excuse not to pay more than S$800 for two nights hotel stay.

We’re not stingy but we do have a sense of spending our money wisely. So, staycation was out of our plan but that doesn’t stop us from having a great time. In fact, that was an understatement. We had a FABULOUS time over three days over the weekend!

We packed our days with activities that doesn’t cost a bomb and yet we still had a wonderful time. I was really glad to take a couple of days off from work, despite now being a busy period. I always believe there should be a balance in family life and work.

And so we spent our days from one location to another and we took time to enjoy ourselves, not rushing to anywhere.

Our activity started on Thursday at Adventure Cove Waterpark, a fun aquatic adventure park in Resort World Sentosa. This was our 2nd time there but we thought since all of us love water park, we don’t mind going back again. This place is for adults and kids, with a string of fun activities such as waterslides, wave pool, riding on tube along the Adventure River and you can even snorkel over a colourful coral reef with thousands of fishes and rays.

I didn’t take a lot of photos as I was busy going on rides and some of the rides don’t allow you to bring anything with you when you go down the slides.


Next day I booked ourselves to go on the trampoline jump at Amped Katong.

This is Singapore’s first indoor trampoline park. I’ve seen people gone on this trampoline jump in Facebook so I thought why not give it a try.

Just in an hour, all we do was jump and jump and dive! *laugh*

It was definitely a physically challenged activity and exhausting but very fun nevertheless. At first glance it looked easy. How hard can it be just jumping on the trampoline. My, I was so wrong!

We jumped and tripped, we went off-balance, we ‘flew’ in all directions, we fell but we had a great time! We laughed so hard til our stomach ached so bad.

These photos I took of my boys were a little blurry because I was bounced off the trampoline when they were jumping but I love them! It was the perfect moment when these were captured and their expressions were priceless!

I would highly recommend for you to try this if you’re in Singapore. Even though kids are the major crowd in this trampoline jump, you should do this together as a family and with friends as well. It’ll be a lot more fun to jump along as a family than letting your kids doing it on their own. 🙂

If you want to watch the videos of us in action, you can view them on my Instagram.


We were basically dripping in sweat after an hour on non-stop jumping and diving but we were still pumped up with energy, so we decided to head back to Sentosa to the Trick Eye Museum.

Ethan had been bugging us for the longest time to visit the museum so we thought why not. I’ve seen amazing photos online of this place and it would be cool to check them out. But beware of the long queue which could take up to an hour to get into the museum but it was worth the long wait.

Trick Eye is short for ‘Trick of the eye’, which refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. With that, 2D paintings on the museum walls, floors and ceilings appear to pop out of the surface and come to life.

We took LOTS of pictures and had a good laugh posing with those paintings.

Here are some of the photos taken at the museum.

Another must-go place if you’re in Singapore. 🙂


After two full days of fun activities, we decided to give ourselves a break on Saturday. So, we stayed home and chilled out.

I took the chance to catch up with my Project Life. I was in need of moving forward before I fall back too many weeks behind. I think after two days of loads of fun time with my boys, I got pumped up and worked quickly through my pages.

I managed to get caught up to Week 35 in three days! It was definitely a very productive off days for me.


And the last day of the end of Ethan’s school break on Sunday, we get to go out to the sea with my sister and her friend Nick. He owned a speed boat and he invited me and my boys for a couple hours out to sea. It was vey kind and gracious of him to bring us out on his boat.

We had an awesome time speeding on the boat, getting soaked with splashing sea water, lots of shrieking and laughter on a bumpy ride but it was a wonderful morning spent out in the sea.

We anchored at St. John’s Island, about 1o minutes off Sentosa Island. This island is secluded and away from the commercialised Sentosa Island. It has a very nice clean stretch of beach with very clear water.

Such an unspoilt island and we love it so much!

After we had a nice picnic on the boat, we took a stroll along the beach and took a quick dive in the sea before we headed back to Sentosa.

We are definitely coming back here again with Nick and my sister! 🙂

It was a wonderful time spent with my older sister whom I hardly meet even though we live in the same island. She’s a nurse working at odd hours so we seldom have a chance to spend time together on weekends like this.

And right now as I’m writing this post, I’m suffering from a bad sunburn from the trip to the sea.

But it was definitely worth it!  🙂


Well, we managed to spend four awesome days together during Ethan’s week long school break. We don’t need to have a S$800 staycation to enjoy our short break, do we? *laugh*

  • Linda in AusSeptember 16, 2014 - 8:14 pm

    Leena what a great blog post. Love all of the wonderful photos you took, looks like you all had a fantastic time and the money you saved on the stay cation can go to more outings like these wonderful ones.

  • Haley CrossSeptember 17, 2014 - 2:26 pm

    Looks like you all had an amazing time!! I would not pay 800$ for 2 nights at a hotel either! That’s crazy! so glad you all still had fun though!

  • Elizabeth TuggleSeptember 18, 2014 - 12:47 pm

    Looks like a lot of fun!!! Photos are amazing especially the ones you took with the paintings!!!

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