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Whoot! Whoot!

Does that sounds like the owl calling? LOL!! I finally can reveal this layout I created using Angie Delarie‘s Owl Whoo stamp!   I LOVE this layout because it’s super duper fun!! Thanks for looking! Have a great evening!

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I'm finally here

in the Philippines, safe and sound! The journey here has been really smooth and I’m glad I’m able to check in here to say hi! I’ve got a surprise call from someone lovely, it’s none other than Mia!! I met this gorgeous girl in one of the scrapbooking forums and we’ve been keeping in touch […]

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soooooooo much for everyone’s warm wishes! Seriously, I have never received such an overwhelming Birthday wishes in the entire 35 years of my life! Really! And you ladies really made my day! I’m working right now, so I stole a little bit of time off to post this! LOL! Psstt……. my boss is not in […]

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